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    Official OSNN Grammar Improvement Thread

    One family owns one pair of sandles? How do they know which person gets to wear them? ----- -->Jesus's computer<-- Jesus is one person, who owns a computer. (A personal computer) (Pronounced jesus-is) -->Jesus' computer<-- Jesus is a family of more than one person, which owns one computer...
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    What's your uptime?

    Noob question! How does one check his PC uptime? Is there any way to see the longest (or all) uptime ever of my pc?
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    Copying Tool in Visual Basic

    Could you just delete the contents and then the directory? It won't really make a difference except the split second the contents are gone before the directory.
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    Corrupt Folder on Removable drive

    There are probably some freeware applications out there for recovering lost or corrupt data from disks. I would try using your favorite download site (,,, etc) to look for recovery software. Perhaps it will be able to repair your folders.
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    interesting cut and paste thingy

    Do you have any programs that aid in the cut and paste feature? I know for example, Microsoft office products will copy up to 24 items or something. Maybe the windows clipboard and an artificial one are getting confused with each other. Just a thought.