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  1. the milkman

    Enable Full Administrator account on all versions of vista

    nice post the u.a.c is a pain in the ars*
  2. the milkman

    Good in bed?

  3. the milkman

    Halo 2 Website

    ive just checked the site out and was pleased with what i saw roll on 9 november:)
  4. the milkman

    Services tweaks for SP2

    ive no problems with BlackViper after upgrade to sp2 works well for me:)
  5. the milkman

    Blond Joke with a Blind Man...

  6. the milkman

    Husband Shop

    lol but so true
  7. the milkman

    Messenger + Plus

    i to had the same stuff you mentioned after i had installed the new release but it didnt slow my pc down also it was adaware that found it to it Contained mallware X2 both broswer hijackers including a porn dialer plus a browser hijacker but no casinos or other web sites it just shows that...
  8. the milkman

    The Tweaking Experience 4

    another good post avdhorst keep up the good work :)
  9. the milkman


    if your thinking about over clocking why dont you save up for a bigger cpu?
  10. the milkman

    [HOW TO]: Get security tab in XP Home

    i use xp home and dont have choice because my isp says that it does'nt work on xp pro
  11. the milkman

    Group Policy settings for XP Home

    wow very good work ive aplied most of them much thanks j79zlr :)
  12. the milkman

    Tweaking Experience 2.1 Released

    down loaded it to day and wow good work very good work
  13. the milkman

    Completely remove nvidia drivers

    dont you think formating is a bit much when you can remove all traces of old driver
  14. the milkman

    Number One reason to buy the extended warranty.

    nice puppy well trained:)
  15. the milkman

    Have a look at this mobo for me!

    asus are agood make ive had one for two years and had no problems there are a wide selection at very good prices
  16. the milkman

    Mydoom Virus Author says he is sorry

    i have had ten attacks from mydoom and all have been stopped by mailwasher
  17. the milkman

    How to Shower

    very funny :) i must get round to installing my shower thow you cant beat a good bath
  18. the milkman

    51.26 & 53.03 Driver

    i use 53.03 with no problems at all
  19. the milkman

    Tips for Husbands

    my reply is yes dear your right as all ways darling my mistake for getting it wrong :)