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    ge-force 5600se 256ddr

    will sell for £100 delivered as ive upgraded to a sapphire 9800xt e-mail me if interested at or reply to this thread dabomb
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    What Nvidia FX card?

    gainward are certainly a good manufacturer of graphics cards
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    Unstable 3200

    im runnin a 9800xt and my temperature after 3 hours of playing call of duty is 64c so ur 63c is normal i think matey
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    What would you say this is comparable to?

    i used to have the ti4400 and i have had a geforce fx 5600 and the ti4400 out performed it by a mile off
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    creative audigy 2 zs platinum pro drivers

    like indy said if you intend doing lots of music editing and plugging devices into it you cant go wrong trust me. it cost me £80 as an upgrade for the card
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    Which video card do you use?

    ATI 9800XT 3.10 cat
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    Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB DDR/Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR

    you wont be disappointed with the card mate, if you dont mind me askin how much did it set you back?
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    creative audigy 2 zs platinum pro drivers

    thanks for the linkgonzo mate im currently downloading, indy i can say that i am very pleased with the card and would recommend the update if you think you will get your moneys worth out of the purchase
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    Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB DDR/Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR

    im runnin a sapphire ati radeon 9800xt mate and i can honestly say that it is superb, no jolting at all and im well impressed with the purchase
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    creative audigy 2 zs platinum pro drivers

    i have the drivers that work the sound but i need the drivers and software to actually work the remote control that comes with it, anyone know where i can download these drivers and software? regards dabomb
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    HILARIOUS! You can sell anything on eBay!

    i seen a bloke sell a bottle of his own urine for £10 pmsl
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    Anyone Pierced?

    was thinkin about havin my nipple pierced dunno yet though, i did have mt eyebrow pierced but i took it out due to too many brawls etc
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    Hurricane Isabel

    oh the joy of living in the uk eh? :p
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    Laptop to laptop on xp

    both connection lights do show up, is there any easy software that we could download and install on both computers and use the software to connect the 2 computers together? plz help us we need help
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    Laptop to laptop on xp

    so basically i got the wrong cable? and i need a crossover cable?
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    Laptop to laptop on xp

    hi, me and my brother would like to network our two laptops up to share files we have bought an rj45 lead which connects to both computers but how do i actually get to connect the both lptops together so we can files share? Michael
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    Buying a laptop on HP

    thanks for the help but they are based in Northern Virginia
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    Buying a laptop on HP

    Hi anyone knwo any good sites where i could order a laptop on higher perchase? the sites need to be english as i live in the uk any help would be great.
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    nope mate i dont get anything like that, whats ya name on unreal?
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    longhorn installation problem!!!!!

    He isnt an MS BETA tester, he has obviously just downloaded this from IRC or someones FTP server, this has been leaked by microsoft and is all over the web