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    PC not booting past splash screen?

    Ditto, external drives have caused me similar problems at boot time. Unplug them one at a time, see when the system starts working well again. It could be the cable, USB port or the external drive enclosure. My front USB jacks are getting twitchy about recognizing my external drives.
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    PSU fried?

    6.5 years on a commercial power supply is about end of economic life. They can last longer but like you said the quality of the aluminum electrolytic cap's is the key driver. On the other hand, start up delay is not typically an aging power cap issue, though it could be an atypical issue...
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    Is there a file recovery software which preserves file names and directory structure?

    Re: Is there a file recovery software which preserves file names and directory struct I had a problem a while back, after extensive research and trying getdataback I ended up buying "Active Partition Recovery". It worked well. But with any data loss there are no guarantees. It is not free.
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    Default Gateway is not available. REALLY Need a fix, please please please help.

    Possible firewall issue. Try disabling the firewall for a test or uninstall and switch to another firewall. If the disable test works uninstall / re-install the firewall and see if it clears the problem. Also, try plugging the laptop into a wired network connection and see if the problem is...
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    [Movie Review] Prometheus

    Giant evil corporations ruling the world with sinister ulterior motives employing evil psychotic henchmen to do their bidding. Hmmm, sounds a little like where I work thinking about it.
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    Upgrade Case

    Easy enough to change the pins in the case header or pull them and insert into an old style header.
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    best monitor evah!

    Crap. Wastes water constantly. That is a major amount of water streaming up out of that thing. Which means it has to be distilled which will cost a fortune for constant usage. Resolution is only VGA. Then you will need a dehumidifier to keep the room from getting moldy and humid as hell...
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    Upgrade Case

    No Yes
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    [Movie Review] Prometheus

    I actually enjoyed the movie as FICTION. Reality checks not required. It was a decent SciFi / Adventure movie. The problem was that it was another example of the preachy, politically correct, leftist media moguls trying to show dozens of their pet propaganda messages down the viewers throats...
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    New Computer build crashes on boot

    Yes, 51 C is hot. My similar system is running 37 C with light activity and stock HSF. But it's not hot enough to cause crashes. Go into BIOS at boot. find and select default settings or better yet something like "safe settings" name will vary with MB. Make sure all of the required BIOS...
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    Windows 8 Hell. I really need help.

    Response is a little late but: Win 8 should not have install issues with anything since it is essentially Win 7 with a Tablet friendly interface". 1) Make sure you are running with elevated privileges when installing. 2) Get the crap off the laptop (Norton trials, Sony spyware, etc.) A clean...
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    Nightmare maybe...
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    Favourite Applications

    I shouldn't, but I just have to... Wine ;) SMPlayer, GIMP, Thunderbird
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    3TB Internal Hard Drive

    You have a MB with the last Bios update in 2009. The Required UEFI interface to go over 2.19 GB was not issued until late 2010 when the 3 TB drives started shipping. Most likely will not work. Requirement is WIN 7 64 BIT with a UEFI capable MB (UEFI replaces the MBR which was setting the 2.19...
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of egg nog. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good (fill-in beverage of choice). :)
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    chrome freezing

    This is really weird the way browsers keep going from our favorites to unstable. Current issues: New computer locks up with vertical bars frequently when Firefox is open. Runs great for hours gaming or with any other browser. Passes all stress tests. Found some mention of others having this...
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    Internet Issues

    WOW, sounds so much like what I went through. $40 per month was the fee, but $36 went for the DSL HW line and $4 for the ISP servers so all I could get was a few bucks back because it was a DNS issue. 18 years and nothing changes. Start organizing a class aciton lawsuit, it works every...
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    Best graphic format, JPEG, PNG, GIF?

    There is no such format as "raw" it is not a standard and varies from camera to camera. It also has a severe drawback. The files are huge, not large, not big, HUGE. Also, no apps, tools, etc can handle raw until it is converted by the manufacturer translation program. Raw is arguably the...
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    Internet Issues

    I had a similar problem with my DSL. They started a major expansion program which overloaded their servers AND ever time we had a major rain storm their servers would start failing. This went on for a year. After a large user group sued them all the problems magically disappeared. ISP is...
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    Best graphic format, JPEG, PNG, GIF?

    All have issues: JPEG is extremely losy and looses more every time you reencode it. You can select how losy the compression is. More loss, smllaer fiels. GIF is not losy but has a severey limited color range making it useless for digital photography. TIFF can be selected as losy or...