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    Need Software to Wipe Hard Drive Clean

    Re: Hard Drive LMAO.. hahahah.. nooooo thats not the problem. i want to give away some old HD's but didn't want to give them out if some of my more sensitive data could be restored.. Passwords. banking stuff.. that was funny though.
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    Need Software to Wipe Hard Drive Clean

    Re: Hard Drive Is that a complete cleaning where old data can't be seen again?
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    Need Software to Wipe Hard Drive Clean

    Is there any software out there that will wipe a hard drive completly clean? if so what is it? thanks for your help.
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    Does anyone here use a PS2 with a Router

    To play games online? I have a linksys router that i connect my ps2 with to play online. i have a very hard time connecting. Everytime i test the conection it says its good. But when i try to initalize the network it takes about 10 or so trys to connect... I've talked to Linksys (they don't...
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    thanks, i hope these help.... i just hope i can fix it.. i even re installed my operating system hoping that would do it and it didnt'... i'm really stummped on this one..
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    has anyone ever gotten this error before. It pops up almost daily now on my pc and it causes the computer to shut down. I have run virus scans and even downloaded the tool from microsoft to see if this machine has the Sasser Virus but nothing... i'm at my wits end.. it is causing major...
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    I've lost My abilty to alt + Ctrl + Del and get to task manager

    I use.. Anti Vir personal edition... I don't have service pk 2 loaded on my pc as of now but all other updates have been installed.. Yeah i did reboot.. but that doesn't help....
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    I've lost My abilty to alt + Ctrl + Del and get to task manager

    I can not get into task manager when i do alt,ctrl,del i get the little icon in the tray but when i goto click it it dissappears and i can't get it to open to do anything.. anyone have any ideas?/
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    Spybot S&D DSO Exploit Fix 1.3.1 TX

    Thank you ... I needed that update..
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    Question for you all

    anyone here ever heard of a DDE server??? I keep having to manually shut this down i restart my pc..???? i looked in the task manger and didn't see anything out of the ordinary?? anyone have an idea what it might be? Thanks as always...
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    guys thanks for all your help.. I think i finally got rid of those bugs..
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    Panda is good. i used it a while back i like avg though its really good and its not hard to use either..
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    Thanks... I will try these... strange virus though..
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    YEah.. i've had it for about a week now and my last update on AVG was about a week too.
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    I have a trojan backdoor virus and when avg shows me the location of the dll fille i can't get to it cause its hidden.. I've run AVG several times the virus only shows up after reboot. during normal virus scan it doesn't show up. Anyone know how i can get rid of this? Thanks,
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    SP2 & Zone Alarm 4.x

    I have sp II running and ZA and it didn't do that..?
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    Security Update CD

    Still Waiting On Mine.....
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    SpyBot Search and Destroy Update

    IMO spybot works much better than ad aware. had a lot of trouble with ad aware. love spybot..
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    GTA - San Andreas confirmed!

    Thanks for the link my friend... i'm off to preorder as we speak.. and being a PS2 player thats cool by me...