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    The Multi-Core/Multi-Processor Club

    Re: Multi-processor Club /hug
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    The Multi-Core/Multi-Processor Club

    Re: Multi-processor Club Took advantage of the price drop last weekend and took the plunge! E6600.
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    Matt's Upgrade Thread

    I'd buy that for a dollar.
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    Nintendo DS Opera Browser In Action

    It will; they are demonstrating it on one. :P
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    Memory question

    Thank you. :)
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    Memory question

    Here you go. :)
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    dialup modem keeps disconnecting!

    May want to see if there are updated drivers for your particular modem. Do you have another modem you could test the connection with? Also you may want to have the phone company test the line for noise to see if that's causing issues.
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    Goofy Windows Problem -- Input Requested

    It ran fine for a few days now, no sweat. Now it crept back when it printed something. Weird... EDIT: I booted her machine with my own hard drive and hooked hers up via the 2nd SATA controller. I now remember I still received BSoDs with mine hooked up so I know it's not a faulty driver or...
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    Goofy Windows Problem -- Input Requested

    I'm thinking that it is the memory. I switched out my memory for hers (exact same stuff) and I was able to put SP2 on the machine with no BSoDs. I put hers back in and got three errors off the bat. But now it has been running 12 hours with no errors at all. :confused: It's really confusing...
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    Goofy Windows Problem -- Input Requested

    Hello -- I'm currently working on a client's computer -- it's identical to the one in my sig save she has a 5900FX card. EDIT: (She has onboard sound, not an audigy card, and has a plextor cdrw, no dvdrw) She just noticed yesterday that it began giving blue-screen of death messages with...
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    Google Hacked????

    Fine here.
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    How do i get 108mbps speed with Netgear wireless....

    Do you have everything on the same wireless network? Netgear's site says if you introduce new wireless devices into a ad-hoc network the speed will drop to 11mbps if the devices cannot support the new standard. It says to use infrastructure instead. Also, this link has a couple different...
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    Ideas on how to prevent users from being able to install hardware

    Matt is a nerd. And stop being rude. :)
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    Where have all the PS2's Gone?

    Just the slow time of year. Look for them in a month or two when they are resupplied for Christmas.
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    Will Ferrell does Bush

    Founded a thousand years ago, lol.
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    Slipstreaming SP2 RC2 into your install

    I'm getting runtime errors with AutoStreamer, anyone else?
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    Doom 3 Scared Sh*tless

    I've had a few close 'shat my pants' encounters with Doom 3. Scariest I've been with a game would have to be when I played Resident Evil 2 for Playstation. I was a few years younger, but damn, that had me jumping off my chair.
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    Stuck in Hell, in Doom III

    Doom III you mean?? :) And yea, I'm having problems as well with this encounter. :)
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    InstallShield/DemoShield problems..

    Hey all - Was wondering if anyone has had a similiar problem to this. Recently, within the last few weeks, anything I install that uses Installshield/Demoshield hangs for about 10 minutes or so and then goes on installing w/o any problems. I've searched Installshield's site and couldn't...
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    Which to get: A64 or New P4 with PCI Express etc???

    I would personally wait a year or so until all bugs are ironed out and chipsets finalized/stabilized etc. That way, all components will be down in price, more PCI-Express type cards will be available, DDR2 will be more fine tuned as it's slower than normal DDR now, etc.