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    Uninstalled NIS 2005 and...

    So I uninstall NIS 2005 after my trial period expires (ive decided just to get Antivirus). I wanted to uninstall NIS so that ill have a clean base to install NAV. Everything seemed to go fine, and I rebooted my computer. First thing that happens is Security Centre pops up saying NIS is not...
  2. C internet image pasting

    It seems like a relatively simple problem to solve but i haven't been able to find the settings for it. Whenever i paste some from a web page to a Writer document, it copies the text, but leaves images as placeholders, and every time i load the document it has to reload the images from the net...
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    Hitachi 2.5" drive weird noises

    Ive have a really strange problem with my brand new 40GB 7200rpm notebook hard disk in my laptop. When the hdd isn't doing anything (like browsing internet or similar) every few minutes it will make this weird high pitched "squeak" sound that will last anywhere between 1-5 seconds. It sounds...
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    $0.44 p&p???

    I was amazed when i received my 180-day trial of Windows XP x64, to discover the enclosed invoice amounting to 44 US cents (~60c aus)!? Surely it costs Microsoft more money to process this than it receives back?
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    I havent been able to get a lot of info on these cards, so i got a few questions: - Is a 6200 64MB with TurboCache (up to 256MB) a lot slower than a dedicated 128MB version? -Where does a 6600 non-GT lie in OpenGL/DirectX9 performance when compared to a 9800pro/5900u?
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    Nforce 3

    Im thinking of purchasing a cheap AMD64 system. Something like a AMD Athlon64 2800+, Gigabyte S754 motherboard, ive got some spare (1gb :) ) of PC2700 lying around (i know its not pc3200 but its not worth buying it atm) and i have a few other bits and pieces already. Ive read up quite a lot, but...
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    SLi Video Memory

    Say you have 2 x 6800 Ultra (256MB) set up in SLi mode, would you have 256 or 512 megabytes of Video Memory usable?
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    The Future

    I would be interested to know people's general opinion on the following, very important questions: - Are 32-bit computers still worth buying? For how long will this be so? and - Is Windows Longhorn the be all end all, do all Microsoft operating systems to date suddenly become obsolete, or is...
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    Laptop Section

    Because of their ever-increasing popularity, and quite frequent mention on these forums, perhaps notebooks / laptops should get their own little section here on the osnn forums, say under "Hardware". What are people's opinions on this?
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    Hard Disk Speed

    I'm looking into a new hdd for my laptop (the 40gb 4200rpm is pretty hopeless). Generally, would a higher capacity hdd be faster than a lower capacity hdd of the same rpm-age (if thats a word :) )? So if i got a 100gb 4.2k hdd, would it be any faster than my current one?
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    Memory Slots

    I was recently installing some new RAM on my Athlon XP setup, and i seemed to be having problems with memory Slot 2 (there is slot 1, 2, 3) for whatever reason. However, the two sticks of memory (both 512, same brand etc) are running in Slot 1 and 3 seemingly well. Is there any reason not to...
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    Athlon 2400+ temperatures

    While idling in win2k, the CPU temperature sits around 58-60 c and m/b sits around 49-52. This does not look good - but i know that Athlon XPs are known to run hot. Is this normal or not? Also, is it better to run ram at 266mhz (synced with fsb) or 333mhz (not synced)
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    AMD 761 chipset

    Ive got this motherboard that has an AMD 761 chipset, and have a Amd Athlon XP 2400+ lying around. The chipset says that it can support AMD Athlon/Duron ~ 1.33ghz, and future 200mhz/266mhz Athlon XP processors. It supports DDR200/266 memory. Since the 2400+ (2.0ghz) is a 266FSB processor, it...
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    O/C integrated graphics

    Is it possible to overclock integrated graphics, for example, Intel Extreme or Ati Radeon 9100 IGP? after all, they have a core, just not local memory. It wouldnt do much, but would be fun nonetheless :)
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    Samsung notebook hdds

    I've been thinking of replacing the REALLY slow 4200rpm drive in my notebook, and so i went to look at some websites for notebooks hdds. What i found was that the Samsung drives were significantly cheaper than others, for example, a 80gb 5.4k samsung cost $250, where a hitachi one cost $390, a...
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    Laptop DVD+RW noises

    My laptop has a Toshiba DVD+RW drive fitted (fixed not modular). I don't have to much experience with notebooks, but this drive, although working correctly, seems to make very peculiar noises when it is operating. for example, after placing in a cd, it clicks (which is normal), then the motor...
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    Wobbling Laptop Screen

    Ive been getting pretty p***ed lately with my new laptop, as the hinges for the screen are not of the greatest quality and have this 'slack' to them. Its hard to explain but its like the hinges don't 'catch' small movements of the screen back and forward, causing the screen to wobble almost...
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    Mobility Radeon 9200 Drivers

    What are the best / fastest drivers to use for this card? Im currently using ones from the HP website, but they are from June 2004. Is there a way to install the Catalyst 4.9 drivers onto a Mobility Radeon chip, so i can get that new Control Panel?
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    RAM speed an AMD64

    Ram speeds for DDR1 have seem to gone much further than the 400mhz used in all P4 systems. Since the AMD64 has gradually been getting increased HTT speeds and has an on-die memory controller, would it get better performance with say a 500mhz stick of ram as opposed to 400mhz without overclocking?
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    XP 32bit > XP 64bit

    Lets say i bought an AMD Athlon64 system today with an OEM copy of Windows XP Professional. When the final Windows XP for 64-bit Extended Systems is released, will Microsoft give you a free upgrade, or will you have to shell out another AU$300?