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    Nature - Wallpaper Gallery

    Thank you, kind sir. Those are breathtaking.
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    AveDesk widgets, where to get them?

    Thanks NetRyder. You have proven time and again, to be a prince among men. I just checked my PM and sent you off another desperate cry for help when I realized I had bugged you about Linux a few months ago. You're the best ! :D I also admire your site design, although the watermark...
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    AveDesk widgets, where to get them?

    I caught a glimpse of your September capture and must say I was truly floored. Can you point me in the right direction for the "Aero-Glass" skin for AveText? I've been looking at those two sites above and Google searches, but have turned up nothing...
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    Wallpaper Collection

    I'd be happy to help out if you want to provide a private FTP. I can try MSN messenger but I've been unable to do transfers beyond my router.
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    New OS X Transformation Pack Released for SP2

    Good lord, everything is turned upside down! No menu, no right click for display properties. I feel like Alice in BizarroLand. :eek: Can someone tell me how to access the menus and control panels? hehe :(
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    Wallpaper Collection

    Thanks, Geffy for rehosting. Now, if only you can get your hands on the Safari port for Firefox and it will be a fantastic day; as it stands, it's just a great day. :D
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    Firefox SAF (safari) released but w.i.p.

    Can someone kindly rehost the files with permission from Lynknot of coarse. I can't find any nice themes to use and discovered this Safari port. Looks amazing, btw.
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    Program for docking applications to taskbar?

    Hey guys, is there a program that will dock opened applications into the part of the taskbar that shares the time, system vitals (volume, display [ATI] icon, etc.) I don't like having certain programs like iTunes on the toolbar because it takes up too much precious space. I'd just prefer to...
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    osx screen savers! I WANT

    Wow that's great. It rivals even the uber cool, uber l337 Matrix screen saver from :D This will do nicely! I wonder how well it runs with a 2d card though. I remembered when I tried running the Matrix screen on my laptop with its 8mb video, it nearly choked..
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    Actually, less than 15 minutes. I just couldn't get a feel of it. Speaking of SP2, I tried installing the mod on a SP2 to see what would happen and I kept getting the ntskrnl.exe corruption error. Tried this twice before I wised up and threw SP1 in. Live and learn :D
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    Here is a truly AWESOME guide

    darn, should have known you guys were ahead of the curve on things. still good for those who may have missed the other thread, like me :D
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    Here is a truly AWESOME guide I've found nLite, a program that lets you strip out excess baggage in Windows and make a fresh bootable installation disc. My final size for XP-SP2 was a whopping 140MB and managed to bring my boot time down to a mere 10-15 seconds; the progress...
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    It was nothing special. I couldn't stand it and formatted/reinstalled. It was severely crippled leaving me nothing but the RUN command at my disposal. NOTHING was installed at the moment, but I guess MSpaint would have been good enough. bah.
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    I've been craving this look since I saw Iceman's OSX mod, but I can't believe how different it feels from Windows. I'm not use to this AT ALL. Certain things feel broken, and I'm still missing a few things like the Truelancher. The ObjectDock isn't that great; I liked Y'z Dock better...
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    Problems with pixelated icons

    I'm running 1280 x 1024. The zip/rar does not contain a readme, but they're the popular osx rip that apparently apple made a big fuss about. Looking at the properties they do infact appear to be 128x128. 11mb file of the rar can be dowloaded here...
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    DLL Hacking - Modifying your shell32.dll

    Thanks 0_87, this really made hacking it easy, where in the past I just gave up after reading the first few sentences of other tutorials. Go Flames ;)
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    Problems with pixelated icons

    I've decided to abandone the easy way of doing it via third party software like Bee Icons and read that shell32.dll hack thread. It said even newbs can understand, lo and behold 30 minutes into it I was hacking away. Problem is, my icons look jagged with large icons enabled. Am I...
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    What do you use to change icons?

    Anything and everything. Just a comprehensive icon changer that's free and doesn't require a phd to understand.
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    What do you use to change icons?

    Hey guys, what's your program of choice for changing icons, from very basic to deep system files. I'm currently using Bee Icons with mild sucess. Seems some files are inaccessible to it, or atleast to the trial version. Are there any free utilities? I would like to stay free of manual...
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    Is this Aqua?

    What other stuff do you have? I still haven't bothered to do the registry hacks for the taskbar icons, which seems more trouble than it's worth. If you have anything else, please share!