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    Router Constantly Screwing up

    my router has started to randomly stop working. Lately it's been doing it a lot and it's starting to get really annoying as the only way to get my internet back is turn my router off then back on...any ideas on the problem?
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    Slowing Down Your Internet Speed

    this sounds like an odd request, and it is, but here it is... is there an app that can simulate loading pages on slower internet speeds? What I mean is that I want to see how long it takes to load everything on a WIP web design over a 56k modem, without having to use a 56k modem. Does it exist?
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    OSX Icons

    where can I find a really nice set of OSX/Panther icons for Windows or Yz Dock?
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    the Greatest Theme of All Time poll

    I had this idea to see what NTFS thinks is the greatest theme of all time. Since there are so many themes to choose from, and we can have a max of 20, we'll have to nominate the ones to go to the actual vote (what this thread is for...we'll start voting in a few days.) If you think this is just...
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    Orange Theme

    any suggestions on a very nice, orange theme?
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    Calendar Program

    I want to use the calendar feature on my iPod, but I don't have any calendar software on my comp. don't want to use Outlook or anything...just something simple, fast and can export to .vcs or .ics
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    Completed my First (actual) WebDesign Graphics were made in PS7 and later on PScs, coded it in Notepad, custom built the forum skin aswell. What do you guys think?
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    Themed Explorer

    I did a search but couldnt find anything (first time in a while) I can't figure out how or why the areas pointed out in the pic don't get skinned on my I not doin something right?
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    mmm, Source Code... that's the XP Tweaks page ;)
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    The NTFS Uxtheme.dll Patcher

    this thread pops up once in a while... my comp crashed, and it seems that the patcher has dissappeared...little help?
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    Smooth, Non Straight Lines in Photoshop

    I've never been able to do it. I want to draw a molotov c.ocktail type logo, except I can't figure out how to draw one in photoshop and make it look smooth and symtetrical. WHat I mean by logo is that it is simple lines, and an overall very simple graphic (simple as in simple looking) - no fine...
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    found this in my task manager and startup file. Can't find what it is on a google, windows, and ntfs search which got me worried. It's in /Windows, which makes me even more suspicious. To top it off it was taking up memory and using the HD while my screensaver was on....what should I do?
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    iTunes for Windows or Napster

    Well, both are set to launch in the coming months and I was wondering who is gonna be trying them out (like me) and which do you think you'll end up going with once Kazaa is dried up?
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    Drive Category

    I've seen it around where people have categorized drive in My Computer...when I figured out which setting to put it to it turned out like this. How do I create/adjust the categories?
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    Recycle Bin Icon

    chances are this has been asked many a time before...but the search doesn't turn anything up. I can't remember how to change the recycling bin icon :( I've done it, seeing as it's an umicon right now...but now I'm switching over to Gant I need to switch it
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    Constant Frog Croaking

    i think it goes here... this is very weird. My sister just came home for a visit from school and her laptop has a constant frog croaking on it. I can't find which program is doing it but it sure as hell is annoying. Neither Ad-Aware or Norton can pick it up....any suggestions?
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    MSN Messenger PopUps

    I've been getting an unusual number of these as of late, and it is starting to annoy me. How do I stop these messages from coming up??
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    Computer Sound to Stereo

    I was wondering if there is a type of crossover cable that would allow me to connect my computer up to my stereo which has component cable inputs...hope that made sense
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    Windows Update Prob

    this is seems that my Windows Update enjoys installing certain updates multiple times. I constantly get alerts saying to install an update, even when I already have installed it. Right now it is telling me to install update #819696 - but I think I already have pressed install for it...
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    Mpeg to AVI

    I guess this is where it goes... My uncle sent us a bunch of old family movies in Mpeg format. I want to put these onto VCD's using ImageMixer VCD, but I think they have to be in AVI format. How would I convert the files?