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    Funny Video Thread

    May have been posted already: I "love" this woman: Beaten by a bug - oh the shame -...
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    [Movie Review] The Departed

    Yeah, liberals seem to like this kind of movie..........I'm just kidding. The movie was really good.
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    Happy Birthday Madmatt

    Happy birthday madmatt
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    My new case when it comes...?

    I never have a strong opinion about anything. This case is still my dream case. I'm not sure why. Maybe I like holes
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    After noticing two explorers after the taskbar (explorer) crashed and restarted, I became suspicous of a tray app that hides icon and restores icons when explorer crashes. Problem solved.
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    Free Acronis True Image 7.0 license

    Perhaps it's just one corporate serial that everyone gets. (got)
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    Some of these are freakin' hilarious

    Well, I want to know who candy is.
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    I ordered this one it's a dollar less than Amazon due to no tax and shipping: One of these days, I will build my own or rig an external Optima or dry cell automotive battery to this BBS/UPS.
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    ATI HDTV Tuner

    I have the ADS Tech Instant HDTV PCI card and it's a POS. It worked for a month. Warning: stay away from this card. Customer service will pass the buck to software and software will say it's a hardware issue.
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    What exactly is so "silly"? I am a DIY. I built my own computer and I fix my home appliances myself. A UPS IS a battery, an inverter, and a charger built into an ABS case. You are paying top dollar for them to put it all in one case. A true UPS runs off the battery through an inverter (many...
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    any "switch to" would be a millisecond lag wouldn't it? Unless perhaps it has a power supply which maintains voltage while it's switching. Tigerdirect classifies it as a battery backup. Unless the technology changed it's not uninterrupted. Using your system uninterrupted is different that...
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    is it me or is it utorrent ??

    I noticed that, when using Firefox, sometimes pages will load forever until I pause torrents for a moment - Firefox will then use CPU and load the page. Until then Firefox will stay at zero CPU and not load anything. (and this occurs when CPU is low to idle as it is) Then it's back to normal...
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    I know a lot more but I'm really screwed now. I'm stuck in "spec-land" and can't decide. I've been "spec-in'" all day and I'm exhausted.
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    this is the one that I have: Just the other day - suddenly my computer and monitor just shut off. I checked the "UPS" and it will not turn on - no light. The surge plugs however, still work. This is really confusing me: It appears what...
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    Ok but is it true that it is always consuming 125watts continuously? haha! This was funny regarding lightning storms I wish there was truth in labeling as it seems yours is a true UPS Basically, a car battery like a $100 sealed optima battery (I have one in my car) and a power inverter...
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    Tripp - the one you linked to. Matt, the 9th word of the review says "Tripp" did you miss it? I now find this: So maybe it just doesn't matter. If there is a lightning storm unplug your computer. Surge protection is only for spikes/dirty power from other appliances messing up your house...
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    I think I'll shop around at this review does not sound good: And the Ultra does not state how much time the computer operates without ac. I can drive myself crazy shopping, looking at specs. Does anyone know of a review comparison of UPS in the $100+ range?
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    ok thanks A. Don't need B. My computer isn't even worth that C. Labels are expensive D. The cheaper one offers greater surge protection
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    what exactly makes this Worth twice as much of this:
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    Power Supply / UPS Guide

    ok so I will order the $60 UPS unless corruption can easily be remedied by my image of windows, repair, or scannow. I take it that sudden voltage loss is not hard on equipment? or rather the powersupply