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    Connect to home server

    Hi all, prolly a stupid question but here it is. I want to be able to connect to my home server from work, I'm using a dyndns service and this works fine everywhere else, except at work! I assume they are blocking the connection or the dyndns address! My question is, are they likely to be...
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    PC/Mac Query!

    A question for a friend, I couldn't answer! He wants to buy and external hard drive, no problem but, he has Macbook and duel boots using Bootcamp to run Vista Ultimate as well as OSX. Does he have the option to save files to the same external hard from either Operating systems. Geezer.
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    "Hello Ezergeezer it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks" Ok, so heres the post! I'm quite an avid gamer, not hardcore, but game alot, FPS shooters COD, MOH, SOF2, online when possible. With a slew of new games coming out that are graphics heavy, e.g Crysis and...
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    Which edition of Vista should I buy?

    I was given this link seems like a good deal or not? And which version is the best to have for general use? Geezer.
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    Web Hosting Question

    My ISP provides me with webspace in which I host a website, I want to move the entire site to another web hosting company. The domain name is 'web forwarded' to my current webspace. My question is the site is nicely indexed on google and other search engines will this affect the site being...
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    (Review) Viewsonic VX2025m

    Just thought I'd post a review of my first LCD monitor. Viewsonic VX2025wm, 20.1in, 8ms, 800:1, 1680 x 1050, delivered to door £292, What can I say first, well slightly dismayed by the delivery, quick yes! Two days great, but, came in full colour box and not sealed! geez...
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    Bandwidth Monitor

    Hi, anyone know of a bandwidth monitor software for my broadband connection? I'm considering changing my ISP and my connection speed too, but most of the ISP's I'm looking at seem to have Monthly Gb's limits, so depending on my usage, I will them decide what package to go for. Thanks.
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    Router Problem

    I just got a Netgear DG632 Router/modem it works great only problem is when I go to run Soldier of Fortune 2 multiplayer the game tells that I'm not connected to the Internet, when I am? Any Ideas?
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    Search & Destroy

    Anyone using Spybot Search & destroy? I keep finding, when running a system scan a 'DSO Exploit', when I fix selected problem and do another scan it's there again everytime!!!! Any ideas? Also just before I came on this website I got a message saying Spybot stopped 'Avenue A', when I...
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    Raid Set-up

    Anyone got a complete dumbo's guide to setting up raid '0', on an A7N8X-E mobo with 2 new Maxtor 120Gb drives, just cant seem to figure it out! Manual is a bit sparse on info, cant even get the mobo to see the drives. Just a quick dummy question too: You can set XP pro on two clean brand...
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    Hard Drive Question!

    I'm getting two new 120gb hard drives, the question is, I want to to image my existing setup and copy to the one of the new drives! My system at the moment has a 60gb drive split into 20gb for c:/ and 40 for d:/. When I copy contents of c:/ and D:/ to new drive, what happens to the space left...
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    Irritating Problem

    Just another of those irritating problems that come along every now and then to test us, so here it is. :mad: My adsl connection keeps dropping around every 3-5 minutes for some reason. I've spoken to support they tested the line and said everything was ok their end, so must be something my...
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    Anyone using this....

    Anyone using this VoIP software called SKYPE? "Skype is free and simple software that will enable you to make free calls anywhere in the world in minutes". Sounds to good to be true!! Anyone using this, can you let us have info on how good it is, and is it 'really free'? I have DSL...
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    New Outlook Toolbar?

    From nowhere it appeared, a bloody smiley, mail, cursor and more toolbar underneath the existing toolbar for outlook. Anyone know anything?
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    Live webcam

    Does anyone know how to set up a live webcam at home which I can view remotely when I'm at work work. I do not want to go through a webcam provider.
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    51.26 & 53.03 Driver

    Nvidia must have an "ex ATI software engineer " writing their drivers now! because the last 2 releases have been for me absolute rubbish, and they completely lock my computer so I have too re-boot. Just a comment anyone else having a problem?
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    What happened to VR?

    What happened to the virtual reality headsets that were around in the early nineties. I remember using one at a trade fair which was playing a rediculously blocky game of tanks, but being able to see 360 degrees all round by just looking without the use of controls was fantastic! I assumed...
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    Opened the Valve, NO Steam!

    Anyone know whats happening with the Steam update! I downloaded the beta a few weeks ago, worked fine, now I start Steam it kicks straight into an update where it freezes ? No information on the website either, you would have thought there would be some kind of acknowledgement...
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    Keep losing ICS

    Just a minor one this but, I have two computers with XP Pro networked together all set up with ICS and all working, for a while anyway ! What happens is, if I only use the host computer and dont turn on the other for a couple of days the one I switch on seems to lose the ICS and does'nt...
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    AGP 8X Voltage?

    Can you run an 8X agp vid card on a 4x agp mobo ? I've heard that the voltages that certain cards run at wont allow you to.