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    What song it this

    Hey, My radio woke me up this moring and i herd this song, and i fell in love with it. I cant find it anywhere becasue i dont know the name of it. This is a rock song that was playing on the rock station.... here are some lyrics If i had one mre day I would tell you everything I have been...
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    Traffic School

    well i am feeling really proud, I just got done with traffic school in 45 mins.
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    5.1 Surrsound Headphones

    Hey, I am looking to spend roughly about $75 bucks for some headphones. I want some 5.1 surrsound. I was looking at these..... Please tell me if you own these or you have own another great 5.1 surrsoundheadphones...
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    Limit Nework Speed

    Hey, IS there someway i can limit network speed through a router. My brother downloads songs on his computers. I would like to limit his ip adress to like 50 kbs a second. I want to do this threw my router and pc if there is some software. Please help
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    512mb to 1gb worth it

    Hey, I am a heavy gamer. I want to know if upgrading from 512mb to 1 gb is worth it. I need some 3200. I play game like Half-Life 2, Far Cry, Doom 3
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    Westwood College & Information Systems Security

    Hey, I just signed up with WestWood College. Does anyone go to that school or is planning to go to that school. I am looking for 2 room mates, when school starts up. I am current inrolled in Information Systems Security. Please any on who has taken or your job envloes Information Systems...
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    Bad Religion (The Band)

    Hey I want this thread to talk about Bad Religion and there songs only. They are a very olf punk rock band and they still play today. They have 16 cds out and they have a new one is a few weeks. So that 17 great cds. My favorite cd by them is All Ages. If you still dont know bad religion they...
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    Moding Xbox

    well guys i started to mod my xbox and i need help. I did the hot swap trick and load some mimi evox. The only thing i can go it gain control threw ftp. So i have flashfxp and i connected to the xbox and i see all the different partitions. I want to know now what do i do? I know i have to load...
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    I talked to Electronicpunk

    I meet the god of the internet. He comes in the shape of a man called Electronicpunk. Hes a very interesting specimen, didnt talk much but he told me this... crashwolf87: hey crashwolf87: yr the big buy on electronicpunkUK: guess so ;) crashwolf87: wow a pleasure to meet you...
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    Doom 3 Scared Sh*tless

    Well, Yet again another doom 3 post but this is a bit different. Now some of you guys might think i am a chicken. But Doom 3 scares the poop out of me. Now i am no small little wimp. I am 17, 6' 5'' and i weigh 275 lbs. I dont think i have been scared like i have been from getting sience i was...
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    Which Headphones

    Hey i just found my recipt for my broken audio .90s and i am not sure what should i buy. I want some set that can handle good bass and has good sound quality. For doom3 and such. I already have a mic. I have about $55 us dollars. I found these three.... 1. sennheiser hd500 | $55 2...
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    Avedesk Docklets

    Hey, I seen some july desktops that they were running a program called Avedesk. I downloaded it and i knew how to use it but i want some docklets. Like harddrive and recycle bin. I mainly want a recycle bin docklet. Can anyone point me in the right way. Kidding on my grammer......lets see...
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    Ati Radeon 9800XT PS 3.0

    Hey i just got the new farcry patch and i saw that it has support for pixle shader 3.0. How do i use this new shader version. I know it will give me a fps boost. I have a Ati Radeon 9800XT, with direct x 9.0c. What do i need fot it to be enabled?
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    Big 17

    YEahhh it my 17th birthday on july 14. Thats today. Yeah wish me luck
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    Car Audio

    Hey, it will be my birthday on the 14th and i need some help finding stuff. I just got 2 subwoofers and a box from a friend for 100 dollars. They are zeus 825 watts a sub. They are nive it not a well known brand becasue they only sell them in san jose. I need a amplifer to run these and i am...
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    Where to buy a Ati 9800 Pro with r360 core

    Can someone give me a link where to buy a Ati 9800 pro video card with the r360 core. I want to know i absoultly have it so i can flash it to a 9800xt. Most have the r350 core. I have the max price to 250 to buy it. I was thinking this one on but on some websiters review it says this...
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    Motherboard started to smoke becasue of ram

    I recently got mr RMA motherboard back from abit....... I went to put in the ram and i acciedently pput the ram in the wrong way and the motherbaord started to smoke. I then RMAed the motherboard threw newegg and they will not give me a new one because its a different serial number. Do you...
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    Plugged on Monitor gives me blue screen

    I have a strange problem. When i have my monitor plugged into my pc and i try to boot i get a blue screen right before windows load. When i unplug my monitor, and boot up in to windows, it works fine.....then i plug my monitor in again and i am all set. It only happens when i plug it in and boot...
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    what should i buy...... 1.SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9800 PRO (209.00) 2.GAINWARD nVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT I am looking for good image...
  20. A Mabye a Scam?

    hey i was looking to find car subs and a box for my car and i came across this... The bizrate link is...,prod_id--10622882.html Do you think this site...