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    What's people playing - crazy release schedule

    Wow same here! In the past couple of weeks I have bought Fable II, Left4Dead, FIFA 09, MCLA, COD: WaW, Scene It BOS, GHWT, and RB2. Its ridiculous! Peace.
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    PS3 Wifi

    That belkin product is the same setup I use with my PS3. I have never had any problems with that product either. Peace.
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    Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

    Rock Band 2 is the better buy. Cheaper and way better reviews than Guitar Hero WT. I have played both games and I prefer the guitar of RB2, but the drums of GHWT. Gamewise, RB all the way. So much more fun than the first. Peace.
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    Getting A 360

    I know this is overdue but Fable II and Soul Calibur IV are amazing. So is FIFA 09 and Midnight Club LA. Peace.
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    Fable 2

    Make sure your XBOX is on a flat surface. If the disk is inside while the XBOX is in movement, it will get scratched so be careful. Peace.