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    Slammin Vinyl Last ever rave at the scantuary

    i have 3 tickets for this event. price is £25 each.this event has "SOLD OUT" ! across the UK. so you will e very lucky to find a place that still has em. contact me by PM and i will give you my contact number to arange the sale serious enquries only please. no time wasters. remember...
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    windows xp (pro) workstation service error

    iam having problems starting the "workstation serivce" from the command line, also its not listed in the services list in admin tools. i want to enable this service so i can add users to the "administrator" group in computer management. can any one help me with this problem ?.
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    windows XP file incription

    I have some files on a seprate hard drive that have been incripted by windows xp. i right clicked on the files and selected incript, i had to reinstall windows xp becasue it was crashign all the time now i cant get access to the files on the other drive. which is just a storage drive, is...
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    zone alarm pro4 and notron 2003 woes :(

    can any one help me resolve my problem with zone alarm pro4 and norton AV 2003s liveupdate feature, ever since i installed zone alarm pro4 , i havent been able to enable the live update on norton, i have checked to make sure all the serviaces are running etc... but i still cant get liveupdate...
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    MSN6 Signing in and out problems

    before i restarted my pc after a windows update, I didnt sign out of msn6. so when i loged back in it said i had been signed out because i was signed in at a nother loacation, now did i get that message because msns cache of my login was still active or is there some thing else i need to...
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    Ikonboard, v 3.0.2a

    Iam looking for some one with experience with Ikonboard, v 3.0.2a you must be able to update and maintain the board. idealy some of the mods from thease forms will do. please contact my via PM and i will give you details of the site that needs an admin for the board system. Thanks surge
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    hackers hacked. check out the hackers movie thats been hacked. lmao some of the links are missng btu just click next to move on to the next set of screens.
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    xp windows messenger status problem

    I have windows messenger for xp , and iam having some problems wiht the status think, messenger seems to kick me off line and wont reconnect me until i goto change my status again, then it says "unable to change status please try later". now I have my cable modem connecting to my pc via a...
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    ux theme file wont download :( when will the link be up again?
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    Audigy drivers and utils pack

    does anyone know when creative are going to release the Audigy driver pack that includes playcenter 3 etc as they did with soundblaster 5.1 for win 2000 and XP ? as i have now got a Audigy player card and have great problems installing the updated drivers from there site, when i install the...
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    The Latest Hacking Tool is an Empty Pringles Tube

    that has been done on this site b4, i was going to poast it yeaterday but then realised what was the point lol, the bbc only stold the pics from Network News mag,
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    soundblaster live drive plate

    does anyone know where i can get one of thease in the UK, becasue creative wont ship to the uk anymore :( and creative UK dont have them on there site, i have a black PC case my live drive is the...
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    XP Boot Screen.

    can anyone tell me where i can get an easy to use boot screen program? so i can change my dull XP boot up screen with a nice new one, one as simple to use as stardocks logon program will be good if thats possable.
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    Java machiean

    i have had to reinstall winXP, i got all the updates that i needed, however when i visit a web page that has java on it it says that i need java VM installed, so i click the install on demand and i goto winupdate where i see a message saying that the Java virtual machiean is not avaliable to...
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    it connects for me now too, but i cant download anythign at all :(
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    Audio Galaxy

    so is AG dead then? cause i cant connect to it :(
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    tweeking tool

    is there a tweek program that will allow me to rename the tool tip for the start button , also rename the run comand in the start menu along with search and settings?
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    check this out

    while on a search or jolt cola supplyers in england i came across this kinda gross dont ya think
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    XP Performance Tip + Keep the GUI

    is that ment to be News whats poasted on the main page ? even a totall idiot could work that one out for them selves anyway the XP Giu makes the O/s look like a fisher price toy
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    Edonkey 2000 problems

    whats the best way to set up Edonkey on a 512k down and 256k up ADSL line? because iam confused as to why ppl up load a file from me at lets say 20k a sec when iam downloading the same file at 3.0k sec why is this?