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    Media HUB recomendations

    I want to buy a media hub for my new system and was wondering if any of you had any recomendations? I am serously considering this one, but it sounds like it may be a crap shoot on getting one that works!
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    Help - Intel Application Accelerator

    After uninstalling an older version of the Intel Application Accellerator I am getting the dreaded STOP: 0X0000007B blue screen. Does anybody know how I can fix this without re-installing? I can get into the recovery console, but don't know what to do from here! Please help!
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    WinTV no sound after hibernate

    After waking up my system from hibernation, WinTV will have no sound. It is connected to the Aux port on a SB Live Value card. I am using the latest WinTV drivers and just downloaded the latest Creative drivers as well. Does anybody know how to fix this?