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  1. David_L6

    Who's built a Core i7 system?

    Anyone here built a Core i7 system yet? If so, how does it compare to Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad? I haven't built a new system in a while and have been considering building a new one using the Core i7 940.
  2. David_L6

    Where are e-mail files?

    What is the suffix for e-mail files in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007? When I used Outlook Express I could do a search for .dbx files and find them. Anyone know what to search for when using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?
  3. David_L6

    3DMark Vantage

    No 3DMark Vantage thread yet? :suprised: I guess I'll start........ I ran it with whatever drivers I already had installed and got P5957. Next I installed the 175.12 drivers and got P5954.
  4. David_L6

    Who is the "head honcho" of this site?

  5. David_L6

    Any hope.......Change mobo without re-installing everything?

    A friend of mine brought his computer by a little while ago. Seems he managed to mess up some of the pins in his motherboard (an Intel D975XBX2) while changing processors. (No..... I don't know how!) He was hoping I knew a way to repair the damage but I can't see well enough to do anything with...
  6. David_L6

    What video card are you using with Vista?

    I put together a complete new computer for Vista (just playing it safe - still have my XP machine to use until most of the bugs are worked out of Vista). I used an Intel DG965WH motherboard because it has onboard video and that saved me the cost of buying a video card to start with. I had plans...
  7. David_L6

    Black screen during boot?

    Here's what happens when computer is turned on: Intel screen appears for a second or so. The screen with details about RAID set up (Intel Matrix or whatever - the press Cntrl - I screen! ;) ) for a couple of seconds. Then a black screen with the letters BA in the lower right hand corner...
  8. David_L6

    From XP Home to XP Pro?

    A friend of mine just dropped off his computer and wants me to install XP Pro. It now has XP Home. My first thought was to take his drives out (2 drives in RAID 0), format them on one of my computers, re-install into his computer, and then install the OS. If all that isn't needed I'd just as...
  9. David_L6

    150GB Raptor for $189.99 after rebate This price is about as cheap as it gets for these drives. I'm not fond of mail in rebates though. Mods, I wasn't sure which forum to put this in or if it's permitted........ If this isn't permissible or should be in a different...
  10. David_L6

    (pic) How do I get rid of this screen?

    Just what the title says..... Is it possible?
  11. David_L6

    Anyone here with RAID on a Bad Axe 2?

    I've been trying to complete a new system using the Intel D975XBX2 mobo and have had nothing but trouble so far. If I install the Intel Matrix RAID drivers from the floppy I end up with Windows terminating with some kind of error message. If I don't install those drivers I can't get Windows to...
  12. David_L6

    AGP ain't dead yet!

    I decided to upgrade an older computer I have to use for nothing but distributed computing (World Community Grid), CF2, and FS9. It had a Leadtek A380 - 5950 Ultra video card. I installed a 7800 GS card a few days ago. It's almost UNBELIEVABLE how much difference there is between those two...
  13. David_L6

    E-mail files???

    Trying to help out a buddy that wants to install a new HDD in his computer. His old one sounds like it has gravel in it. Sometimes the 'puter will boot up just fine. Sometimes it takes two or three tries of turning it off and back on before it will boot. Problem I've run into is that he uses...
  14. David_L6

    Move e-mail from one computer to another possible?

    Good and bad........ I finally convinced my parents to buy a new computer. Both old and new computers are Dell with XP and SP2. They want to move all of their e-mails and addresses over to the new computer. If that is possible will someone please explain how to me?
  15. David_L6

    How much memory? (XP limits.....)

    Want to add RAM to a system that has 2 GB (2 X 1 GB - 4 slots - 2 open). Since RAM is treated a weird way by OS (Window XP), wouldn't it be better to add 2 X 512 MB DIMMS for a total of 3 GB than adding 2 more 1 GB DIMMS since Windows won't see/use all 4 GB's?
  16. David_L6

    Adding to existing memory

    Want to add 2 X 512MB's to a system that currently has 2 X 256MB's. Does it matter which slots the larger DIMMS are in? i.e. Do I just add the 512's to the 2 available slots or should I install the 512's in the slots the 256's are currently in and move the 256's to the other 2 slots? System is...
  17. David_L6

    How do you clean everything off of a hard drive?

    I have a hard drive that came in a pre-built (Dell) computer that has OS (and no telling what else) already installed on it. How do I get everything off of it so that I can use it as a second hard drive (for storing pictures and such)?
  18. David_L6

    Harddrive partitions

    Can someone explain what all this means please? I didn't do anything intentionally to get this harddrive set up like this. I don't know if this is the way it should be or not. Volume Layout Type File System Status Partition Basic FAT Healthy (EISA Configuration) Partition Basic FAT32...
  19. David_L6

    Want to install new hard drive in Dell system

    OK, here's what I have and what I'd like to do.... I bought a (new) Dell 8400 off eBay. It came with a 40GB HD and a 3.4 GHz CPU. I used the 3.4 CPU in another computer and purchased a 3.8 GHz for this computer. I also used the ram in the other computer. Needless to say this computer has never...