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    Favorite Winamp Skin?

    Alright, whats everyone's favorite winamp skin? Currently my favorite is C10K 2.0 (Carbon)... it changes like every week for me tho... pics too plz!
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    psu going?

    Every once in a while about a week ago my computer would randomly "turn off", however it didnt really turn off.... it would sound like the psu shutting off, and the screen would get distorted with artifacts all over it. I had no idea what was going on, but i could still manage to see the mouse...
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    Yz dock trouble with games

    Is there an option Im missing to allow yz dock to be running in the background when i play a game without messing up when i move my mouse to the screen area of the dock? I have always on top off , but whenever i play a game i have to exit the dock and its getting to be a pain.
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    who likes dream theater?

    Ive always been a large fan of Metallica and recently I was turned on Dream Theater by a friend, and wow.... they rock! Anyone seen them in concert?
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    linux solely from cd

    Anyone have any luck with using one of the linux flavors run directly from a cd? I tried Knoppix and freesBIE, but no luck with my mobo. It works, but i cant get the internet to function (im guessing it doesnt have drivers built in for my gigabyte nforce 2 network adapter). Which distro has the...
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    my night with bill gates

    well, it wasnt really just me, but hes doing a tour of college campuses including harvard, illinois, carnegie-mellon, mit, and cornell, and i happened to catch him here at illinois. He had an interesting lecture, showing off some new toys with a few good jokes. He talked about how his 7 yr old...
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    broadcasting multiple mac addresses

    my roommates computer is apparently broadcasting new mac addresses about every 5 minutes - over 6000 so far... and its making the school kinda upset - theyre threatening to shut off the internet, which is something i cannot afford. Now he did a virus scan, spybot scan, updated network drivers...
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    lyrics with windows media player 9

    just wondering... is there any app, plugin or visualization for windows media player 9 that automatically downloads and displays lyrics? Even an external program would be okay. The only thing I can find is EvilLyrics, which only works when u have the player in a certain skin, which i dont like...
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    id tag program?

    Is there a program to edit multiple ID tags at once that can automatically fill in information... such as it can fill in the album and year if it has the artist and the song? If not, whats a good program to edit the tags?
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    best album of all time

    im sure many of you have seen the Rolline Stone top 500 list by now... but do u agree with the results? were the beatles really that amazing?
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    Gfx Card to buy ~$80

    alright i know every other thread is exactly like this one, but i seem to have a tighter budget than most everyone else (for a gift for my bro). I dont really care about AA, just pure performance at 1024x768 and particularly Call of Duty. Im looking at 9600SE, Geforce FX5600, and what about the...
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    cl_parsepacket entities error

    all of a sudden i seem to get this error while playing quake 3 and jedi academy... ive heard of others with this problem but not of a resolution. The only new thing ive installed are ati's 3.10 catalysts, but it began before then, and i dont think it has to do with updating the video drivers...
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    fan size adapter

    if i only have a 60mm spot for a case fan on the front of my case, will it be helpful to use a 60mm to 80mm converter and use an 80mm fan? I know an 80mm fan pushes more air, but will it be more effective?
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    Overclocking athlon 2800+

    well ive been researching this a little, and from what ive read, an nforce 2 mobo and a barton chip should already be unlocked for overclocking. I have a Gigabyte GA-7N400L1 mobo and it comes with this Easy Tune 4 utility that looks like it would be extremely easy to use to overclock. However...
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    Power Supply Fan

    Is it possible, or should i say, not dangerous, to change the fan on a power supply? Its the loudest part of my computer, and I was just wondering if anyone has done it or knows about it.
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    Unknown cd/dvd rom drives

    i was reading the other thread on nforce2 mobo, and i decided to look at my device manager, and i saw my cdrom and dvd rom drives were under "Unknown" they still work fine, but im just wondering why. btw i have an nforce2 mobo with the latest drivers.
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    cpu temp REALLY high

    ok is this bad? i have an athlon xp 2800+ (barton) no overclocking or anything, standard fan, gigabyte mobo. Today my cpu temp hit 67C after being on for a few days and playing a game, but the system still ran normal. the system temp is more normal, like 37C. Now should i run and buy a better fan?
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    need to cheat?

    tired of losing to cheaters? (make sure to dl the file too)
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    new ATI Hotfix for Catalyst 3.9

    YAY! ati just released a hotfix (its not really a hotfix but a whole set of drivers) that supposedly fix call of duty and a bunch of other games. Ive been playing call of duty with them and so far, so good! Get it here.
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    quake 3 probs

    alright, i have a radeon 9700, and quake 3 used to run like butter, but now that ive installed the 3.9's, it freezes every time i play. Could this have anything to do with turning off fast writes (for Call of Duty) or are the 3.9's just pos's?