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  1. Mubbers

    Windows 8 Hell. I really need help.

    I bought a Sony Vaio laptop for my daughter, which btw is an excellent piece of kit except for the OS.... Windows 8. This was ordered in Nov 7 delivered for Xmas and to be honest I didn't really think to much about Windows 8 or 7 or whatver. I mean what could go wrong with just a newer version...
  2. Mubbers

    Samsung WiFi Printer wont stay online

    I've got a Samsung WIFI printer - CLX-3175FW and every time I turn it or the PC's off it won't come back online and has to be deleted then reinstalled for it to work. It's in full WiFi mode. And this applies to all the PCs which use it. I reckon it's some kind of IP conflict but I haven't...
  3. Mubbers

    Windows Media Player - Sync Nightmare please help!

    Every time I connect my Sony Walkman to the computer it synchs the device with just about every file on the computer! I've managed to thin this down a bit but just even trying to put one flipping album on to it runs the risk of screwing the whole thing up. God how I hate WMP! Are there...
  4. Mubbers

    Dell HDD failure - but still works in other PC???

    I've a Dell XPS 1530M with a fujistsu 320 GB HDD. It has failed with error 0142 and status #79. It won't boot up at all. However I plugged it into my desktop and have full access to all the files! Weird or is it? I've asked Dell and they says it's just failed and are not helpful, does anyone...
  5. Mubbers

    Vista Hotkeys not working anymore - help!

    A couple of days ago my favourite windows hotkey stopped working: windows + e for explorer Actually none of them work now. Extensive net searching has not helped! Can anyone help? I'm running Vista 64 Ultimate.
  6. Mubbers

    Problem with recent Vistas auto update & firefox

    Since recently updating itself my Vista running laptop is having major problems. It often freezes and is particularly bad when running Firefox. It will lock up shortly after starting the application and require a power down to recover. It occasionally tells me that a search indexing service...
  7. Mubbers

    Best UK laptop for about £600?

    Help! I need to buy a laptop for the family which must be able to run games such as SIMs and other stuff. SIMS seems quite intense on processing so the machine cannot be a wimp! I've been looking at this Dell :£637 all in Dell™ Vostro 1510 NB Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5870 (2.0 GHz, 2 MB...
  8. Mubbers

    Which laptop (under £800)

    I have to buy a laptop (for work) by tomorrow and need instant advice!! I have a budget of about £800 and need something reasonably light, good display and that can play games like UT2k3 / Stalker etc.. with reasonable ease. Other than that M$ Office should be bundled. Anyhow any...
  9. Mubbers

    MSN Login annoyance!

    I always have to type my password to hotmail in twice. I absolutely know it's correct 1st time yet it always says that it is wrong and I type it in again. It always logs in OK second time, but why? Also I can time in gibberish 1st time (to save time) and it accepts password on second input...
  10. Mubbers

    Vista 64 Ultimate - won't install!!

    Marvelous, After all the buildup I came to do a fresh install on a second HDD and after seemingly a pefect installation process it fails to reboot after the 1st automated restart of the installation process. I get a split second glimpse of a BSOD with some error message and what looks like a...
  11. Mubbers

    vista 32 or 64, how can I tell?

    Q6600 Quad Core CPU 4096 GB RAM Striker Extreme MOBO If I am going to upgrade to Vista should I go for 32 or 64 bit?
  12. Mubbers

    lost network after graphics update

    I just updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest set and since the update my network is totally wiped out. To beging the process I uninstalled the old driver and was very careful to remove only display drivers as I have Nvidia drivers for network adapters etc. When I rebooted I have no...
  13. Mubbers

    MOuse not working at startup

    On my new build PC (ASUS Striker Extreme) the mouse occasionally does not come on at startup. This can simply be rectified by unplugging the mouse and plugging it in again. But this is of course annoying. Anyone got any idea why this happens? Appreciated!
  14. Mubbers

    External Laptop Graphics

    I heard a rumour that sucha thing might exist? I heard that the Asus XG station might be such a thing. But in searching the web I have come up a blank! Does such a thing as an external laptop graphics card exist. If so any comments on such a device?
  15. Mubbers

    Asus Striker Extreme + Q6600 newbuild

    I'm just finishing building a new system to replace the one I put together in 2003 (yes it lasted that long!). I'm basing it on the ASUS Striker Extreme MOBO and have the following components: Thermaltake Toughpower 850 watt PSU Intel Q6600 2.4 GHZ CPU (overclockable) 2 x NVidia 8600 GT Super...
  16. Mubbers

    XP installation error - HELP!

    I get the following error whilst attempting to (re)load windows XPP Sub-component COM+ raised an exception while processing the OC_COMPLETE_INSTALLATION setup message. d:\nt\com1x\src\complussetup\comsetup\csetuputil.cpp [line 3406] Error code = 0x8007007f The specified procedure could not be...
  17. Mubbers

    What to build - new hi/mid spec system??

    My desktop computer is deceased - pretty sure the mobo is goosed! I need to build a new system, but it's been 3 years since I last looked at hardware... Direction on some new components from mobo/chipset upwards would be gratefully appreciated and discussed. Ta Mubbers
  18. Mubbers

    Lost my home network - HELP!

    Ever since I installed Norton 2006 my home network has been inaccessible. Every time I try to access previously accessible folders on the netwroked PC's i get error messages telling me the Network path was not found. I've tried making a new network, this seems to work but I then get the same...
  19. Mubbers

    Counterstrike advice needed!!

    I'm just getting into CS for the 1st time. I've played a lot of COD and BF1942 but need some tatical advice etc.. for CS... 1st question: money - do you always start with just $800?? I'd swear the first game I played today was with loads of cash but after restarting the machine I was always...
  20. Mubbers

    Windows Media Player - Library help

    I've just transfered music across partitions - emptying "my music" and putting it all on a new drive for space and tidyness. Now no matter what options I select WMP thinks I have most of my music twice now ;) Once in the old location (where it was) and again in the new location!! This is...