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    Installing a 200gb hd??

    Hello all, i've bought a 200gb hd from western digital model number: WD2000 i've hooked it up to the cpu however it seems as if the cpu isn't detecting the HD upon boot up..i go into the bios and it says there's no hard drive only 2 cd drives(which i have) what am i doing wrong?
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    seems sooo..similar.. not sure if its against the rules..never relaly done it b4 buh jus found the link in some other forums
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    Bought my new laptop

    Hey guys haven't been here for a while researching things about laptops. Finally got one now, check it out. Sagar 4750 17" WSXGA+ AMD64 3400+ 1024MB RAM 60GB 7200RPM HD ATI Mobility 9700 128MB 4x dvd+-r/rw/cdrw 56K Modem 10/100/1000 NIC Wireless (b/g) Bluetooth 4-in-1 Card Reader...
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    Linksys Wrieless-G 2.4GHz Router with SpeedBooster keeps disconnecting

    basically told you everything i know in the title.. Linksys Wrieless-G 2.4GHz Router with SpeedBooster keeps disconnecting after a couple of minutes. it does it no matter if its in use or not it just keeps disconecting and then reconnecting..anyone know why this happens? n if theres a fix to it?
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    Which Proccesor for a new laptop?

    Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 800 or a Pentium M 755 2.0GHz Dothan anyone know the difference between these to proccesors? going to be buying a new laptop and the Pentium M 755 2.0GHz Dothan proccesor is a cheaper buy so dont know how good/bad it might be compared to the P4 3GHz. does anyone...
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    Help quick please video capture in adobe preimere

    does ne one knw of any programs to convert video files like from mpeg > avi...thas all i need jus a link to dload it or somethin
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    Buying a new laptop

    Hey everyone, im going to be buying a laptop and just wanted to know what to go with two systems i've made up not sure which one to go with tho soo you guys let me know whats the best price vs performance setup Setup #1 FragBook TL Chassis TL - Metalic Silver ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility...
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    Anyone know German?

    if anyone here knows german can you tell me what this word means 'babooshka' im guessing thats how its spelled..thats kinda of like how it was pronounced but not sure how its spelled...not sure what it means at all..if it is offensive im sorry didn't mean to..just wanted to know what it meant.
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    Format And Install Help!!!

    need some help formatin n installin a cpu got the win 98 cd but do i need a win 98 boot disk to format the drive? or can i do it with just the cd only?..could someone help me out gotta format this cpu real quick..thanks in advance..
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    WD 120 HD with 8mb cache good buy?

    just wanted to know if its any good, the WD 120 HD with 8mb cache. or should i go with sata drive?...gonna b at work 2nite so i'll probably be checkin your replies 2morrow n buy it 2morrow as well as abit nf7-s mobo amd xp 2500 m cpu 1024 ddr ram antec p160 case if you guys could help...
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    Problem with Diablo 2 / LOD

    Im sure many of you know about Diablo 2 LOD its a pretty old game now i guess but many still play it. The problem i keep having is this: Every time i kill a 'boss' moster at the end of an act...the cpu seems to freeze up..the cd drive spins up and then after its done spinin up the game comes...
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    Ati Aiw Radeon 9800 Pro Returnn!!!

    im not sure what to do im thinking of returning my card getting my money back i heard on may 4th ati is coming out with newer cards x800xt cards? im thinking if i return it now..thennn the price will go down after the newer cards come out and i can buy it when the price some...
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    New System Help

    Im going to be getting a new system so i can have this other one for my sis here's what im thinkin so far tell me what u think Abit A7N or Abit NF7-S mobo (which one is better?) AMD XP 2500+ mobile Proccesor (yes/no)? 2x 512 Azen 333 or 400 Ram 80GB HD not sure what company to go for...
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    ATI AIW 9800 Pro multimedia program?

    when i try watching tv on my new 9800 pro i keep getting this error for some reason AppName: atimmc.exe AppVer: ModName: conexc.dll ModVer: Offset: 000024bd anyone know what i can do about this cuz igot no idea
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    9800 Core Temp??

    Anyone know where the 9800 SE/Pro/XT Core temp should be around i have a temp meter and when i place the little sensor between the gpu heatsink and the gpu processor it gives me a temp of 65*C, this seems like a LOT...that was with the case open and all i did was boot up the cpu cpu and mobo...
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    Radeon AIW ATI 9800 Pro Drivers?

    Are these the latest drivers for the ATI AIW 9800 Pro vid card ? Driver Version: if not could someone point me to the ones that are the newest and let me know how to install them
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    Logitech MX 700 Mouse

    Got no idea why but now evertime i put the mouse in its base thing to charge the batteries..the base doesn't seem to detect that the mouse is there..and it wont charge the battery either anyone know why this might be..the lights on the base appear but for like caps lock num lock n stuff like...
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    NF7-S or a NF7??? wanna go n buy in a

    dont know which would be the better buy..current config gonna b getting a ati aiw 9800 pro and thinkin of a new mobo either a NF7-S or just a NF7 which is the better buy i dont need raid..but might in the future..and the sound stream thing sounds good.. or is there a different nice o/c'ing...
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    Internet Explorer 6 problem???

    hi again everyone got a problem when i go on wantin to buy a AIW ATI 9800 pro but everytime i go to set up an account with best buy the link right after you fill in your info (name email pword and zip/postal code) the link after this does not appear for me instead its just...
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    Best All In Wonder card?

    What would you say is the best all in wonder card? or would it be better to get a TV wonder pro and a Video Card seperately?