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    Classic CS map, ported to UT2003

    Just saw a post at the official UT2003 forums about a guy that have made the famous cs map de_aztec for UT2003. Looks really cool, and plays well too. It's still a beta-map but it is a fun map to play if you already know aztec from cs :) Check out some screenies here...
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    A little tip

    Never spraypaint your cordless keyboard in another will eventually go wrong! I may be a bit high on spraypaint right now, but trust me!! PS: I'll buy a new keyboard toorrow PS2: Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard sucks!! PS3: CS is out of question :p
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    PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher

    I've made a program for everyone (almost :p ) that wants to use custom themes for Windows XP. In general it replaces the uxtheme.dlls you got with a patched version. For those of you that isn't sure what this program does, it basically is StyleXP without a fancy GUI or registration. NB: The...
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    Creating a bootable zip-disk

    I have a 250 mb Iomega zip-drive, and wondered if anyone know how to make a ms-dos zip-bootdisk? I hate those pesky 3,5" diskettes, would have been great if anyone have a tip on creating one in XP!
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    August desktops

    A troublesome start on the new month for our site, but who cares when we're back in all our glory now :D Anyway, start posting your magnificent desktops as usual, and stick to the rules ;) : - Please use the Attach feature to post your Desktops Images - Also, posts with DEAD links to...
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    The Xp-erience clan!

    For those of you that don't know it, and have been added to the clan: We now got our own clanpage; and we are added to Clanbase; If some of you have any questions according clanbase, just ask me on irc...
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    Attachments phucked up?

    Was just browsing the "Post your April desktop" and none of the attachments work.. :( just get a lot of php errors. Are you aware of this waddy??
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    Post your April desktop!

    First I'm sorry that I had to close the other thread, but read my "red markings" below and you'll see. Think of these reminders before you post: Please use the Attach feature to post your Desktops Images Also, posts with DEAD links to images will be deleted Please, do what you can...
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    IRC Experts...

    I dunno why, but suddenly I can't connect to IRC?? I'm clueless.. When I connect to Efnet I get this error: Error: ERROR Closing Link: andyp[unknown@] (No more connections allowed in your connection class) Anyone know what this is?? JJB? Changing ident doesn't work...
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    Cool windows statbar!

    Try this cool app. if you like to know the stats on your computer. It's called Statbar and is freeware! It's kinda like coolinfo, but use a statusbar in you window. you can customize this to almost whatever you want. Thanks to Insignificant for this.. Download here:
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    Never spill a drop of Coke again!

    I got a usefull tip for all of you that drinks soda from a plastic bottle: I guess you are tired of the soda spilling all over the place when you open the bottle. Well I got a tip, and haven't have this problem since:) Just put one hand UNDER the bottle while unscrewing with the other hand...
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    New VIA 4 in 1 drivers, 4.37

    Via has again released new 4 in 1 drivers. Supposed to fix errors that people has been experienced with the later ones! Download here:
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    Guide: Howto make your own XP-Themes!

    Sick of using other peoples themes ? Thought so! So I have made a tutorial for you, where you learn all the basics you need to make great themes for XP. Look at the guide here: Theme tutorial UPDATE, New link: I've also made a theme...
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    How to apply your Style Xp Themes!

    Here is how you all should apply your favourite XP-Theme. Also if you have found a great theme or have made one share it with us and use the "attach file" option in your message. Looking forward to get some cool themes here! How to apply Styles XP Themes (substitute winnt for windows if...