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    removing text from short-cuts

    How do you remove the text from short-cuts ! I remember it was something like hold the alt key and press some numbers ! But for the life of me I cant remember the numbers..... :rolleyes: Thanks !!!
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    Hosting a mail server from the office

    What all does it take to host your own e-mail server from your office. Also, can it be ran on WIndows XP ??? FYI : The (server) in the office only shares the internet to the other computers and all the programs save there data to it !!!!!
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    Hosting a website from your office !

    I was wondering what all it took too host a website from the office. As in not having a ISP host it for us. We want to have the site there in the office with the e-mail also ! We have a T1 (1/2) and a URL ! Thansk......
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    Getting the GUI to start !!

    I am running Mandrake 10.0 , I changed some setting while I was in the GUI mode ! Now it will only reboot in the text mode ! What do I type in the text mode to bring up the gui mode ? Thanks :cool:
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    Changing XP key after install

    I saw this post here awhile back ! I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction ! How do you change the key in Windows XP after you have installed it ? Thanks !!
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    Strange problem with Internet Explorer !

    I got this virus and deleted it, after that IE would not connect to the internet ! I had downloaded Mozilla Firefox at one time so I installed it and it works just fine ! Internet Explorer is the only thing that cant connect to the net !! :eek: Anyone run across this strange problem...
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    Scan disk after every restart !

    How do you get Win XP to run scan disk everytime you restart your computer ? Thanks !! :)
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    linux and flash

    I have mandrake 9.2 installed. How do you get the web browser to play " .swf " files? Web pages made with flash... etc... ? Thanks :cool:
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    Playing DVD in linux

    Im am running Mandrake 9.2 Anyone know of any good wed sites with RPMs to install a player to play DVD's ? Thanks :o
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    AMD or INTEL ?

    Getting ready to update my system ! Was wondering what you all thought was the better cpu ! Now not trying to start a war, just want some real facts ! AMD Athlon™ XP Processor 2800+ Barton or Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 2.8GHz 800MHz FSB 512KB Cache Thanks ...
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    Not trying to start a war, but whats better ?

    Getting ready to update my system ! I have it down to two cards ! NVIDIA GeForce™ FX 5700 Ultra 128MB 8x AGP w/DVI & S-Video and ATI RADEON™ 9600 PRO 128MB 8x AGP w/DVI & S-Video ! They are both about the same price, but of the two whats better ? Thanks !! :cool:
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    The funniest thing I have ever seen !! The Star Wars Kid was just goofing off at school. Now he finds his private performance downloaded by over 12 million Internet users across the world.
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    Outlook or outlook express question

    Too make a long story short ! I have 8 computers on a network ! Can you set up outlook or outlook express to use just one address book located on the server ? Thanks
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    Making a boot disk for winXP

    Anyone know how to make a boot disk for win XP . I cant use the win 98 boot disk decause my drives are NTFS. I am posting this from linux ! The other day we had a storm and the power went out ! This file is missing or corrupt ( C:/windows/system32/config/system ) . If I can get scandsk to...
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    A must see.. Kung fu fight in Flash !

    This is a awesome web page... check it out ! click Pass this on. This dude did a great job !!
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    Mandrake 9.1 and RAID

    Can anyone explain how to get this working or give me some good links to help out !! I did some searching but didnt find much help !!! thanks :huh:
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    Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock

    This is neat !!!! Click :huh:
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    Direct X 9.0

    Not sure If I should post here or drivers... anyway ! Anyone know why Microsoft pulled Direct X 9 off its web site ??? :confused:
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    I want a fat babe !!

    Click here ! This is funny stuff !!! :happy: :happy:
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    Changing user name

    Not sure If this is the right spot for the post ,but here we go ! Is there a way I can change my user name on and still keep my post count etc..... ? Thanks