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    what gender is your brain?

    Your Brain is 33% Female, 67% Male You have a total boy brain Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts And while your emotions do sway you sometimes... You never like to get feelings too involved What Gender Is Your Brain...
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    Hello, every single time I boot my explorer.exe crashes with this error: I'm wondering if I have a problem with my system.ini file: After explorer restarts all is fine but sometimes "memory can not be read" again with explorer when I open certain applications
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    bit torrent problem

    Does anyone know why I see this? It requires two tries to open the folder. (cannot be found)
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    website design

    So I noticed this board critiques website design (Site Finally Completed thread). Perhaps someone will help me with mine. There are some W3C errrors and I don't know how to fix them as I think they are due to 3rd party code errors. The site is old and I'm thinking of updating the site (and...
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    100% CPU due to hardware interrupts?

    I too have high cpu but looking at my task manager told me nothing so I downloaded process explorer - However, I don't understand hardware interrupts and how to solve this problem. My mouse and keyboard become very sluggish until it stops - and that is often a very long time. This guy didn't...
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    display not shown in device manager

    I tried to install the new Omega drivers. It blue screened because, I think, I had it overclocked too much (208x11). There was a memory dump at blue screen and I lost all logins (safe mode, "last known good" and regular boot) so I had to run repair as I don't know another way to recover boot...
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    Security Task Manager problem

    Hello. I have reinstalled several times but still have this problem. I have tried everything. Hopefully, there's something that you guys probably know that I haven't thought of. Thanks for your help.
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    Troubleshoot The Ultimate Troubleshooter

    Can anyone help me to fix this? This is the trial version. Thanks for your help. I also have t his in word pad: I have turned off languages but it makes no difference - besides, I never installed Spanish
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    winrar context menu failure

    I'm not sure this is strictly a windows probem because other applications work in the context menu (such as antivirus) The winrar knowledge base was of no use or I was not using the exact keyword for a proper solution. The problem I am experiencing is winrar won't work at all through the...
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    Once again port scans because of ads here

    I am to the point of leaving here for good (not that anyone cares anyway) If I block this once then I don't get scanned and my firewall won't block all connections necessitating creating new rules over again just to enable my browser to work again. If I block this permanently then I get port...
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    Any acrobat experts here?

    Hello. I have a problem. No matter what I do, this document will not print in english (other docs are fine). I have turned off language options in windows. I have tried to save as .doc but it reports insufficient permission. Help please? PDF: It reads...
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    loosing connection xp pro

    losing connection xp pro Hello. I have lost connection with these two sites: Everyone else seems to have no trouble connecting to them. I have disabled host file. I do not have windows firewall activated. I tried...
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    optical illusion

    If you stare at this pic long enough a giraffe will appear
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    exclamation sounds repeatedly for no reason

    My nephew was playing with PC now I hear the exclaimation sound going off non-stop. I see nothing in taskmanager that indicates a probem. I ran online scan and found noting. Any thoughts?
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    installing PD 7.0 = blue screen

    installing PerfectDisk 7.0 = blue screen Hello. I've had trouble with PD 6.0 because I once had Folder guard installed but ever since PD would not work - even after uninstalling FG and searching for the DLL causing this. Now PD 7.0 is out and I decide to try it. During install, when it...
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    Lynchknot Firefox Themes (re-releases)

    Hello. I'm starting to update themes - but it's slow going. This Tundra update required 4.5 hours. It is available at my site now. ****edit - I just now fixed the alignment issue with search bar
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    20 reasons you should NEVER post your picture
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    Firefox Longfiber

    Want fiber in your browser diet? What do you think? - as a stand-alone theme (as shown) or as a option to use userchrome edit (userchrome edit will not render the tabs exactly like this though - at least I have not figured it out and also no skinned scrollbars as shown)
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    HTML links in apps not working

    I used the topic title to search but did not see a thread so... No HTML links in any app incl. email apps are working to open any browser - I have set IE to default as well - any solutions out there? Thanks
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    photohop and IE conspiracy!!

    Hello, i'm having some issues that completely baffle others. I know there are some real experts here so maybe you can help me. Please! BTW, when I come here using Firefox, I get a couple ad requests from my firewall then I get port scanned and my connection is shut down from the port scan...