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  1. Ci2e


    I've had this system for close to 3 years with no major problems, I don't turn the system on and off constantly either. I run an FTP which is up 24/7 unless I decide to play a game online. While I was playing PlanetSide for about 30 minutes all the sudden everything powered down, I had to hold...
  2. Ci2e

    Gamers Haven

    If any of you gamers would like to join my haven which is teamspeak we play America's Army mostly weeknights after 7pm eastern and we also play Diablo II, Deer Hunter 2005- Thats all for now but if you'd like to join us on the public servers or you have a game that we might be interested in...
  3. Ci2e

    Diablo II LOD - BNET - FANS

    This question goes out to all the millions who have played the game on BNET since it came out long ago. I would like to know if you are allowed to use the hacks on OPEN BNET without getting your cd key banned. I know your not allowed to do so on BNET but I'm wondering about OPEN BNET.
  4. Ci2e

    Net Page Problem

    View the web page yourself you should see snow flakes falling and also hear music but I can't get either to work as you can see from the pic. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  5. Ci2e

    Audio Popping Annoying!

    I haven't the slightest idea what triggers this or how to recreate the problem, I have tried turning off hardware acceleration and it doesn't seem to change anything. I have the Audigy X-Gamer, thanks in advance for any advice or help.
  6. Ci2e

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004!

    Here's the problem when I first installed Tiger Woods 2004 and started it up I saw the "EA Sports, It's in the game!" ingame video and now I can only hear it- is there a way to make the ingame video work again? I have tried re-installing the game and it didn't work.
  7. Ci2e

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

    Has anyone purchased this game yet. I have the multiplayer demo and it really is something special. It's unlike anything else available at the moment, and it most certainly worth a look. The only big problem right now is I think they added punkbuster support with the v1.1 patch. So when you...
  8. Ci2e

    Best Backup App?

    I was going to a friends house with a cd-rw I burned that had Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Multiplayer Demo then restarted the computer and it keeps on saying,"BOOT DISK FAILURE Pleaes enter system disk, and press enter." I'm wondering what the best backup software is so he can backup what he...
  9. Ci2e

    Logitech Pro Driving Force

    I was wondering since I read Gran Turismo is the only game that supports 900 degrees rotation does that mean only for the playstation, or for the PC too? I was thinking about getting this wheel but if the 900 degrees defaults back to 300 degrees then this wouldn't be a smart buy for pc race...
  10. Ci2e

    FarCry Sandbox

    Anyone know where to find help with this editor, I haven't completed the single player yet but I know it's going to be a blast making my own maps.
  11. Ci2e

    CPU Overclocking

    I just wanna know how to find out when I'm pushing the CPU too hard. I have successfully turned my 2.4 into a 3.0 with no side affects from what I could tell. Any help from the overclockers out here would be great.
  12. Ci2e

    Daytona Speedway

    I'm looking for anyone that plays Nascar Racing 2003 Season to join me at daytona or any of the other tracks for some fun drafting, if you have a headset and use teamspeak would make it even more fun.
  13. Ci2e

    Please Help Please!!!!!

    Since I'm not getting any replies please read the post at and if you can help please reply here or there whichever!!! I have tried the NOCD released by FairLight DOX and it only...
  14. Ci2e

    Moto GP 2 Sound Glitch?

    I just recently decided to start playing this game again and the sound is skipping bad. Not just the music and not just the sound fx, the sound entirely. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer with the latest drivers installed.
  15. Ci2e

    Nascar Racing Season 2003 Multiplayer + Mods

    When I installed a couple mods for Nascar 2003 the game would always tell me that may game files have been modified and I need to re-install the game. Is there anyone that has mods installed that actually plays them online because I sure would like to race Trans Am, and IROC online.
  16. Ci2e

    Hosting Game Server

    I have a DSL connection and I was wondering how many ppl my connection would be able to support. Just recently my DSL has been upgraded from 1.5/768 to 3/1.5 and I get roughly 2400/800 on the tests at DSLReports. For such games as America's Army, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004 how many ppl...
  17. Ci2e

    Hacker Activity?

    Just recently I've noticed wiered things happen like while I'm playing a game I'm forced to the desktop and a small text box appears with 2 border lines in maybe green if I remember correctly. It is then maximized and I'm forced to see someone with the handle Virus420 greet me with "Hey there"...
  18. Ci2e

    Music CD-RW/Car CD Player

    If I purchase a Music CD-RW 700 MB/80 min 4X ReWritable and take it to my car cd player will it be able to read the disc? Reason I ask is I have burned music to normal CD-RW media and my car cd player cannot read it.
  19. Ci2e

    CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo!

    I have a problem I just bought a comboDRIVE 42x/24x/48x/16x and everytime I burn something with the ultra speed 16x~24x the disc fails and sometimes crashes my whole system. I then took that drive back and got a replacement thinking it could have been a faulty drive, but to my dismay the drive...
  20. Ci2e

    America's Army 2.0a - LAG?

    While playing on even a low ping server lets say its map Mout Mkenna. My friend claims he walks to objectives at the beginning of the round and then is warped back to where he just previously walked and it happens 3 times in a row at times. Just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is...