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  1. lion7718

    Klip Help (Electronic Punk)

    Like I said in my PM..I'm very new to all is the Zip you asked for.. Thanks again, Lion
  2. lion7718

    What is SXS Folder For?

    I installed a Webcab the other day, so I assume this is why I now have this folder. It installed itself on my 2nd Hard Drive..which is kinda wierd...... I did a Google search, and all I could find was that if XP needs this, it will install it...thats it. I would like a little more info if...
  3. lion7718

    Alcohol & WinRAR Icon Problem

    Instead of repeating myself all over again, I have posted it here for all to view at UniteTheCows ...I'm lost on what to try next.
  4. lion7718

    Windows Update Problem

    Here's a head scratcher: I had a non-destructive system restore about 2 weeks ago, I now found out that Windows Automatic Update no longer works. It says "The Windows Update Service Is Unavailable". I have to now go to the Windows Update Homepage to check for updates, is there a way to turn...
  5. lion7718

    How to Remove the Wild Tanget Icon

    After un-installing Wind Tangent Games & Updater (it came with new computer) it has left a WildTangent Control Panel Icon in Control Panel. I really would like to get rid of it...can someone tell me how, please. Thanks, Lion
  6. lion7718

    XP Freeze (Home)

    I have searched the Forum before posting this, it seems like different things happen to different users..anyway. About every 2-4 days I will have a Total System Freeze, it usually happens when I am surfing the web, every now & than I will wake up & find it frozen. The Event Viewer would always...
  7. lion7718

    AVI Delete Fix

    I haven't been here in a while, but I'll post this for those that need it. I had this problem with AVIs last week & now it seems like it is spreading quickly. You can't move them or delete them, they say that they are in use, Here is my original post that I made at UTC and a fix a user named...