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    Getting Hitched

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    Death Race: OMGWTFBBQ awesome :D

    Dude I agree man. Is it non stop action Crank or more on the Transporter type of action?
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    Your Blu-ray Collection

    My Collection: Dark Knight The Italian Job Four Brothers 300 Lord of War Thats all I can remember right now I think I have two or three more
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    Thinking about getting a TV

    I purchased a Samsung 71" DLP TV for my living room when I purchased my house three years ago. It is everything I ever wanted for a TV but the funny thing is I hardly ever use it. The only times I use it is when I want to watch BluRay w/my PS3 or play my Wii with the siblings and/or cousins. I...
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    Bouncing Soul add me to your friends list on the PS3 Network when you get LittleBigPlanet so we can play, my screen name is SYNikal33. I will be sending my friend LBP for xmas so we can all play the 4-player levels.
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    This instant & moment

    I should have never stopped working out
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    Asuse Rampage Extreme II Mobo - Simply Amazing !

    Hey now Johhny! I was planning on getting this board with the mid-class i7 but money is going to be tight this month so I will have to wait another two months or so. The i7 Extreme Edition is complete insanity to pay for!!! This board makes me drool.
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    New Ipod Touch

    This is news to me. I thought the 2G's were ready for jailbreaking but is you heard right Saz then I will not question your knowledge I want one!!! The iTouch is so freaking cool. I have jailbroken a few of my friends iTouch because they know me for hacking gadgets (PSP's, Wii's, etc) and I...
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    Deep Fried motherboard ...

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    Saturday I will be married

    To tdinc: I really don't know you that well buddy but let me clear my throat before I say this....ahem! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I meant congrats!
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    Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

    I vouch for Rock Band 2...I was playing it last night finally unlocked Linkin Park's One Step Closer.... w00t!
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    Music to get your funk/hip-hop fix I listen to it all the time @ work to let the day go by easy.....
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    Grandma's Boy: 'Antiques Roadshow Martahon....F*************CK Me!!!'
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    This is my thread

    I can has thread!!!!
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    Moving to LA, help

    Holy crap I heard about that the other day when my pops was watching the news. I hardly watch new just because its all depressing stuff!!! Anyways back to the topic @ hand with Lancer and his move, did you find a place there buddy?
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    Moving to LA, help

    Welcome to LA Lancer!! falconguard whereabout in the SGV are you @? Im in West Covina!!!
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    who wants to give this a try :p

    Carpo, I have tried this last week on my Compaq AMD Turion Laptop but I tried it with the JaS 10.4.8 IntelAMD DVD and it did not work. I received a kernel panic every time I wanted to boot into MacOSX but I have not tried Kalyway's. Hmmmmmmm looks like another project in progress!!! I'll give...
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    If you where unexpectedly given $20k, what would you do?

    Something else, spend a grand on save the other 19k....YES!
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    portable harddrives... do you trust them?

    Dude, I have read countless reviews on Drobo's offering and that looks the the freakin' best of the best. I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!
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    portable harddrives... do you trust them?

    External Hard drive....aaaaahhhhh these devices are an awesome addition to anyones arsenal of storage options. I have had this Western Digital 300GB External HDD that has stored my entire catalog of music I have collected over the years and it has lasted about 5 years so far. The awesome thing...