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    Post of the CD Key

    I just came across this in an old document folder and this brought back good laughs. Anyone remember this? (you might need IE to view this file)
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    Funny Picture Thread

    Do you abuse your PC?
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    Why you Play WOW

    I don't know what the others are like, my first MMORPG. I was invited into the closed beta back in September 2004 - Novermber 2004, and still addicted. Excellent story, great game play and mod add ons, cartoony graphics are great too and PVP.
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    SATA Hard Drives

    No experience with any of those brands, I use 2 Hitachi HDs in Raid 0, fast and quiet
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    have computer start up by itself?

    Should be under the Power menu, then go into Power Up Control, then Automatic Power Up. That's my layout for my A7V333
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    IE is going really slowwww

    For temporary internet files use 7mb and then delete the files.
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    Motherboard started to smoke becasue of ram

    It does happen, I was warned at the place that I bought my RAM and mobo that they won't replace anything if I put in the RAM the wrong way. So I guess it does happen, I didn't think it was possible not to align the pins before inserting the RAM.
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    New Unblockable Popup

    Well, I got the popup, weird thing is I tried to drag it to one of my other monitors (triple display) and it vanished. Seems to only stay in the browser.
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    Kung Pow - wasn't the greatest movie but still entertaining.
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    awesome catapult

    At least they didn't launch farm animals.
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    Funny Picture Thread

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    Funny Picture Thread

    My heat sink and fan :D
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    Got a life?

    No, I sold my soul to the devil for a lollipop when I was 5, now I'm being punished by doing internet tech support for a major ISP.
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    Blocking particular attachments in Outlook

    I'm not sure what you mean by block, as in not being able to receive the email at all (being deleted without looking at it) or just blocking access to the pif file (can't open). For the later I use Outlook Permissions Addin 1.1
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    Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 2)

    Tip I use Fastnet99 a program that verifies the sites in my bookmarks.html file in FireFox. Adds the IP and domain to the hosts file located C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ So now I could get to sites faster I guess, kinda reminds me of that QOS tweak, does it work or not. I have a fast...
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    Windows Flurry Port.

    Another mod on a thread resurrection trip. Does it support multi-monitor displays?
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    Who's got the most music?

    Over 2500, in my metal folder. I have another drive which I'm too lazy to get. Must have another 3500 in that.
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    Funny Picture Thread

    Thou shalt not steal
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    Funny Picture Thread

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    Happy Worker GeekMan

    Hello, World. Say hello to GeekMan. In the electrical rumblings and hypnotic winking lights of the early computing machines, the seeds of this creature began to germinate. Carefully nurtured through punch cards and vacuum tubes, the computer geek took hold of the business world, fighting...