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  1. mgdodge

    nvidia and firefox

    I use firefox, and I have no such problem with the nVidia site. I have noticed that extensions can affect page layout, and I noticed that you have AdBlock installed. Have you tried without your extensions loaded? If you don't want to uninstall them, you can try downloading a standalone version...
  2. mgdodge

    WTF 1TB free Email !!

    40 Million emails...let's see.... If each email took 30 seconds to download, filter, read and/or delete... That would be over 36 years just to receive them. Now if you had to reply to any great number of 'em, you're in a world of hurt.
  3. mgdodge

    ATI multi monitor??? need help

    On my computer, I don't need to use anything driver specific to get a wallpaper to span both monitors. Just set the background using XP's "Display Properties" > "Desktop" section...but here is the thing you need to pay attention to. The secret is to set the image to "Tiled," and if the image is...
  4. mgdodge

    XP taking upto a 1min to start up and close down.

    The fact that the slowest portion of the startup is before logging in seems to indicate that it is a system level service. I use Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel to check the things that start up via registry...might be useful to try checking that tool out (
  5. mgdodge

    Why some people hate Intel

    It just so happens my physics class covered this a week or so ago... Not that it makes a huge difference here, but just a little while ago my physics class was discussing the resistivity of different metals and how that has affected computing. So I have all this info at my fingertips for those...