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    Isvcmon.exe, and virus activity

    more Isvcmon.exe it resides on the registry at SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. I deleted the ISVCMON.EXE from Windows/System32 directory with no ill effects and since then, my system has stopped trying to connect to the internet. I have conducted a search on my system and...
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    Isvcmon.exe, and virus activity

    Twice now while updating windows I have had a DOS screen appear in the background of the update download screen, which lists all my NAV files and then disables them, gives me weird messages ("thanks for leeching") and disables NAV, causing me to uninstall and reinstall NAV for it to work again...
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    Need to reformat and reinstall XP, best way to do this??

    Due to some insane tweaking on my part I have completely buggered my XP operating system. I have it running now but it is highly unstable. I am going to save (on disc) all my important stuff then I want to reformat the hard drive and reinstall. With Windows 98 I could do this easily. What is the...
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    IE and Java Compatibility problem

    Thanks Thank You, this has corrected the problem. Engineer
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    IE and Java Compatibility problem

    I am running XP with IE6.0. Recently I tried to chat with some buddies using a program called DigiChat, which is online and does not require a download. When trying to access the program I get a message that says "DigiChat requires a java compatible browser" Ok, so how do I make my IE...
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    Battlefield Vietnam: Lazy Mouse Issue

    While playing battlefield Vietnam I have a lazy mouse issue. What I mean is that when I move the mouse the mouse pointer "swings" to the direction I want to move it to as opposed to actually moving there in a more rigid and tight manner. Moving the mouse pointer back and forth in the game causes...
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    A monitor question about Hrz

    Improved Improved graphics, meaning reduced flicker. How do you check the fps?? As lag is another problem. I have an ATI 9700 Pro Vid card. thanks Engineer
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    A monitor question about Hrz

    I find that the lower the Hrz setting I have my monitor on the better the graphics quality. I was playing Battlefield Vietnam at 75 Hrz and moved it to 70 and it improved the graphics substantially. I was always under the impression that the higher the Hrz on the monitor the better. can...
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    2004, Norton or something else??

    It's that time again when I decide whether I move from Norton 2003 to NIS 2004. Or do I move elsewhere to another IS, Antivirus program. I am hesitant moving to NIS 2004 as I have heard quite a few negative things about it. Any suggestions? Engineer Keep in mind that whatever I switch to...
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    Pentiums to Celeron, Need quick answer

    I've always had Pentiums in my home PC's, and it has been easy when buying them or seeing them advertised because their processing power/speed is in the name, such as P4. 2.6 Ghz. However, I will be buying an AMD chip soon. How can I tell the speed/processing power of those chips from their...
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    Battlefield Vietnam

    Me to Very nice game though it reminds me of the early days of BF42. When BF42 came it out it had several problems as well, primarily lag and choppy play. Same with BFV. There are already several post on how to correct the lag though I am not sure anything has been successful yet. Engineer
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    Need Video Driver for IBM ThinkPad

    Now the opposite problem I downloaded the drivers, Thanks, guys! and now though the situation is better, I've got the opposite problem. The Screen is too big! Meaning that, I have to scroll to get from one end of the screen to the other. I've played with different display settings but nothing...
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    Need Video Driver for IBM ThinkPad

    I have an old IBM ThinkPad (Type 2626-50U) in which I have developed a problem. The video display is centered on the monitor screen with a black border around it. The Display Properties where I would normally change this setting is only giving me one option (16 colors) and one resolution. I...
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    Help, Program trying to connect me online

    Thanks Ded Morozh, love the Spider Jerusalem sig on your post by the way. I actually got rid of the pesky program through McAfee Uninstaller, I rebooted and program gone. Thanks again, all. Engineer.
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    Help, Program trying to connect me online

    I have found in Program Files/Common Files/My Software folder a program called NewsFlash and a accompanying dll file that constantly tries to connect me to a site called no problem I just delete the files and folder, My Software, right? Nope, XP says that the file is in use and...
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    Simple Question about downloading drivers

    When I go to the Windows Update site (I have XP) and the site tells me to download a new version of a driver that I currently have (i.e. agere pci soft modem driver) and I follw the instructions, where, later, do I find out what the updated driver's properties are, what it has fixed, corrected...
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    What was that IE resize fix again?

    thanks Thanks Much Appreciated. Engineer
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    What was that IE resize fix again?

    A while back I asked about how to fix an IE resize problem as when I opened IE the IE window was very small (opening small all the time). Someone suggested a registry fix for this which worked great. Another fix was to close the IE window while holding down the shift key. Can someone tell me...
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    New MS Fix has slowed start up

    Ever since the new MS Security fix my system takes longer to boot up, especially my Norton IS and AV programs. My system ususally boots up in about 30 seconds now it takes about 3 times that much time, any idea what this is all about?? Thanks Engineer
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    Remember MS Chat, Where can I get something like it.

    Remember Microsoft Chat, the cartoon one. That little chat program had a lot of useful features and was super easy to use. Where can I get another free, small, simple, chat program like that (minus the cartoons, or including them, no preference really). Thanks Eng.