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    Top gear toyota Link

    Pretty much all episodes of Top Gear can be found at The Hilux video is also at They say it's the whole thing.
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    Attention Dog Owners in Toronto

    Yes, we all know that the best way to deal with dogs is to poison them, right? Don't be an ass.
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    Attention Dog Owners in Toronto

    Just trying to get the word out - if anybody in Toronto walks their dog in Withrow Park (corner Danforth & Logan, just west of Pape), be warned that there have been at least 6 cases of dogs being poisoned in this park in the last two days (since Jan 30). One of these dogs has died. Symptoms are...
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    Applications stealing focus.

    Old thread, but this may be useful to somebody. I found out what was causing the problem. Cute FTP Pro was (for some reason) changing the value of HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout to 0 every time I started the program. For anybody else having this sort of issue, use NTRegmon...
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    All Critical Updates in 1 File: Download

    MS will get enough complaints sooner or later to do something about it. I have the patch listed in Add/Remove, and that's enough for me. Seeing it again and again and again at WU is annoying, but hardly fatal.
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    All Critical Updates in 1 File: Download

    Seems WU still believes that I haven't installed 826939 (even after I tried it again) and used your patch.
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    All Critical Updates in 1 File: Download

    I tried merging that reg file and it gave me an error, and I tried it from Windows Explorer and as an import from regedit. Regedit claims it's not a registry file and when I do it from Explorer it tells me that it's not a registry script.
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    USB Drive

    For future expandability, check Takes all CF cards and MicroDrives.
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    Photoshop 7 question...

    To change character spacing, look under the Window menu and check off 'Character'. That will give you access to all character options. The one you want is the field with the 'T' and the double headed arrow under it.
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    Applications stealing focus.

    I've been checking both of them. The value for ForegroundLockTimeout will not stick. FlashCount doesn't change (but that's not the issue in any case).
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    Applications stealing focus.

    Bump. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Fried my mommaboard! Recommendations please!

    My recommendation? Get a floppy. No, really.
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    HDD Dilemma!!

    Well, I'd put Windows on the newer drive (since it's almost certainly also a faster drive), but there's no reason why you wouldn't partition the 120Gb out first. I have an 80Gb drive and I have 3 partitions on it - 1 15 Gb for Windows + apps, 1 35 Gb for games, and 1 25 Gb for misc. crap.
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    Applications stealing focus.

    No, I'm not changing the registry, I checked in there to make sure that TweakUI was doing its job, and that when TweakUI told me focus-stealing was allowed that the value in the registry had changed. And my video card is a powered-by-ATI Radeon 7500.
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    Applications stealing focus.

    I have TweakUI XP installed, and I set the focus option so that applications may not steal it. When I check the registry, the correct key is set to the correct value to prevent focus stealing. However, at some point in the day, that key (and thus, the setting in TweakUI) is reset to allow...
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    Seagate or Maxtor hard drive pt.II

    Haven't used Seagate for around 6 years, but the last time I had one around (at work) I was able to retrieve all my data off of it after my asshat cow-orker decided to take it out of my machine and drop it on the floor (imaging what a 727 sounds like spooling up at the airport). Wouldn't boot...
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    Couple Questions About Mozilla?

    Mozilla already has a pop-up blocker. Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Scripts & Plugins > uncheck Open unrequested windows. As for the connections, it's set to a max of 24 by default, 8 per server. You can change this by editing prefs.js in your profile directory and adding the lines...
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    Ghost 2003 - Your View

    I've had it work. Windows XP Pro on NTFS, backing up to a separate FAT32 partition on the same drive using the Virtual Partition for PC Dos. I've used the image to restore and the integrity checks always come out right.
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    I would make sure that you limit access to Apache - ensure that outside connections can't happen. Run a firewall of some kind.
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    mozilla 1.2 problems

    When you install 1.2, either un-install 1.1 or put 1.2 in a different directory. Mozilla says in the release notes that you should *not* install one build directly on top of another.