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    Slow 2D Performance with GeForce 6800GT

    Mine is OK now... :)
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    FahrenHYPE 911

    For the love of GOD make it stop mommy, make it stop
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    The many faces of AOL

    Ever throw one ?? Those things can really fly, I say hurl them at the Board of Directors
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    Slow 2D Performance with GeForce 6800GT

    One thing I have noticed in 2D is when sliding windows around the image blinks horribly. It seems to only be affected when using java applets but I never noticed it before...
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    Alternatives to landline broadband?

    Well, I am in the US and I did have Satellite before they ran fiber optics thru and it was very expensive at the time, and it stunk. Even though Europe gets technology before the States; I am sure they havent done much with satellite broadband considering it isnt a large enough market (at least...
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    6800 GT or 6800

    Well I am just reiterarting what has already been said. I always buy the best or top model, however this time I opted for the GT, its specs are so close to the Ultra its a no-brainer. The GT actually performs closer to the Ultra than the supposed comparable card from ATI (x800 Pro). Now my...
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    6800 Gt

    One thing to consider is if you have a watercooled computer BFG has some cards with the watercooling already built in. Personally, I skipped on that and just bought a normal PNY 6800GT, once someone (Koolance) builds a watercooling block then I will just install it myself. I have a Koolance...
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    Brain... swelling... WHICH VIDEO CARD?!?!?!

    I hear ya' I hate everything since the black album, I love all the old stuff from when they were like 20- 25 years old, Ride the Lightning, Damage Inc. but the artwork on the case thing was done from the guy at , he does artwork for Metallica, and Aerosmith
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    omg omg good graphics card? right

    Yeah, I was right it is vid capture and vid editing... So If you want to dl the Paris Hilton video you can put your face in there with hers, other than that I see no real benefit :D
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    omg omg good graphics card? right

    Good Question ... I think it stnads for Video In - Video Out, does it not ? Maybe for Vid capture or vid editing ??? Hell I dont even know if I have it, but I guess I dont really need it being Im not sure .... Or do I ?
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    Intel is in major trouble!!!

    and btw the Prescott core makes big improvements to HT-ing. Im gonna get the 3.4 Extreme Edition and you all can tell me how crappy it is, then :)
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    Brain... swelling... WHICH VIDEO CARD?!?!?!

    Sazar - You cruel cruel man, I always appreciated your insights....until that last one !! lol Seriously though, youre right, I sometimes forget that it is a small margin who feel they must have the best of everything, it is simply habit to only look at the best stuff, I forget there are...
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    Brain... swelling... WHICH VIDEO CARD?!?!?!

    I am wondering if Im the only person old enough in here to have a job. I see people constantly contemplating a purchase and saying well, I only have $100 for a vid card, or what speakers can I get for $75.00, what case is good around $45.00 .... Personally, if the budgets are that tight...
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    Windows Explorer crashing repeatedly

    Oooh I'll have to keep that one myself, that sounds pretty handy, does it have correction capability, or is it simply a file checker ??
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    Passmark PerformanceTest 5.0

    Coathanger, why in the world do you dual-boot with Windows Me ?? Possibly the worst OS in the history of Micro$oft ??
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    Adding "Send To" Locations

    I thought thats what they were talking about ?? (right click menu) Damn I hate being confused ! Or do I ? or am I ??
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    3D mark scores come down with vsink option on.

    Well , I think ON for gaming if you have the refresh rate of your monitor set pretty high. I have the refresh rate on my CRT to 85, when benchmarking I sure like to see those 300 fps , when gaming Id like to have those fps as far as possible from 60 fps. Anything lower and your eyes notice it...
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    Missing text on emails and web pages ....

    My PC @ the office is doing some really weird stuff. On various webpages, there will be no text, missing text, or even just pics and no text. Also, when in Outlook I will receive an email and no text will be displayed in the email msg. Yet, when I reply to said msg. then I can read all the...
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    Windows Explorer crashing repeatedly

    It looks like your running XP w/ SP1 ?? Can you try reinstalling SP1 ? It might be a memory issue, whether it is system RAM or a video card, Id start looking there first.
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    5900 --> 5950 BIOS Conversion Hack

    I used the Leadtek BIOS for my PNY Verto 5900 Ultra 256. All went well for a few days, then like a dumb ass, when OCing with Powerstrip, I pushed it way to hard a fried it. So I went out and bought an actual 5950 Ultra 256 (PNY Verto again), and it may just be psychological but I think its...