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    funny shirt!

    Its in reference to the movie Old School...
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    What type vehicle do you drive?

    I drive an 86 Nissan 300ZX it gets about 5MPG it seems
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    Simple question about page filing

    You should put at least a 50MB page file on your OS partition and anything else on other partitions. It will allow for faster access of the page file because it will probably read from a different platter than your OS is on. It would be better to have a 50MB page file on your OS drive and put...
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    What do you charge p/h for fixing computers?

    I do side work at a Cyber Cafe fixing computers.. We charge 45 an hour. If we have to go on location is 40 + 45/hr.. If i know the person i'll charge them just enough for them not to feel guilty taking up my time..
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    need headphone switchbox for 5.1 sys

    Just get a mini jack splitter and put it in the L/R jack of theaudigy.. they should be available at your local electronics store.. Or he can get some Kinyo KY-100 5.1 headphones that come with an external amp with speaker pass through..
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    Evga Nvidia 6800 upgrade

    i have an eVGA 6800 Ultra with a modded GT bios.. the GT bios has tighter memory timings than the Ultra.. I would get a GT beef up its cooling and clock it to Ultra speeds.. I was going to purchase a 6800GT myself before i found the card i have now.. its the eVGA 6800 Limited Edition (not to...
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    Yea!!! Just got a free broadband upgrade!!!

    I have roadrunner as well in North Carolina.. i got and upgrade from3Mbps to 5Mbps .. premium got bumped up to 8.. upload is the same ithink..
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    Whats better Nvidia 5950, 6800 or ATI 9800 pro or XT?

    i'd say the 6800 as well.. I bought an eVGA 6800 Limited Edition.. not to be confused with the 6800LE .. it is a clocked down 6800 Ultra on an Ultra PCB with an Ultra chip.. stock speed is 325 core 1100 mem.. all pipes and vertex shaders unlocked.. I found a modded evga GT bios that i'm running...
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    Post Your Case

    This is my "glowing bird's nest" Gigabyte N400 Pro2 Ultra Xp 2500+ (Barton)@2205mhz 200x11 GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB 8x Maxtor 160GB ATA133 Maxtor 40GB ATA100 2 Sticks Micron 256MB PC2100 (aka the bottleneck) Antec True480 PS 24x10x40 Plexwriter DVD-Rom that doesn't actually read DVD-Roms...
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    nFROCE2 booting problem

    I used to have a no POST problem on via boards.. I reseated everything except the cpu for fear of cracking the diode.. if that didn't work i'd plop in an old pci vga card.. if then it posted i put the agp card back in and it would work.
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    December Desktops

    Wallpaper: dual monitor namco car thing Misc: Object dock on the left and Mobydock on the Right
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    November Desktops

    Wallpaper: Thunderwire (I made in 3DSmax) Misc: MobyDock for XP/2000
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    FX vs ATI9700pro which one is the one?

    the FX is on par if not a little bit faster than the 9700pro.. but the upcomming 9800pro is faster than the FX and the same price as the FX..
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    What game changed it all?

    back in the day.. it was space quest for pc and Defender for atari.. oh oh and Turbo for coleco with the driving module... in my teens it was sonic and kid chameleon for genesis now its Phantasy Star Online for DC/Gamecube (hell yeah i have them both), GranTourismo3, Command and Conquer...
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    Green Machine

    My first computer was a C64 with a cinderblock 5.25 drive.. and my 2nd was a 286/10 with no hard drive and 768k of memory.. i miss deskmate..
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    cpu cooler -- thermal grease??

    You should apply the smallest amount possible .. all the greese is doing is filling in the microscopic holes of the bottom of the sink and the die.. if you put to much it will cake up and could be less efficient than not using any at all..
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    Random computer lockups and newer Direct-X games not working was the last thing mentioned..
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    Random computer lockups and newer Direct-X games not working

    its not only for sound crackle.. hardware collision crashes things.. KABOOOOM silly earthling.. everyone always assumes its a video problem when things crash..
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    Random computer lockups and newer Direct-X games not working

    check that your main devices (video, sound, network) aren't sharing an irq.. and download the via pci latency patch..
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    2 DSL Lines, 1 Home Network...

    you could get a Nexland Pro800 Turbo Home Router/Dual Line