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    New Monitor, Bad Colors.

    Well thanks for the help everyone. Spent all day yesterday messing with it and couldnt get anything resolved. Took it back to the store, they didnt have a replacement, they refused to give me a refund, they didnt even offer to plug it in and have a look themselves. I was forced to use my...
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    New Monitor, Bad Colors.

    Without drivers it has a max rate of 85 hertz. With drivers it can go up to 100 hertz at 1280x960 but the higher I set it the smaller the actual screen size is? The closest it comes to full screen is when its set at 75 hertz and it shrinks in size as I set the refresh rate higher. I have...
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    New Monitor, Bad Colors.

    Yea, shouldve mentioned that. I did install the drivers and the natural colors program that came with it but it didnt seem to improve a thing. Photoshop wouldnt run the color profile that the software installed so I disabled it. Never needed any dell drivers as the old monitor always looked good...
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    New Monitor, Bad Colors.

    Has anyone got a Samsung 21" syncmaster 1100p plus? It was kind of an impulse buy so I didnt do any research on it before the purchase but it looked good in the store. It has nice features and all but I cant seem to get any decent colors on it. Whites are really yellow and blacks are hazy...
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    Internet Explorer and variants (MyIE, Avant, etc) discussion

    For some reason IE wont allow me to view source on web pages and doesnt seem to be caching anything either. I installed MyIE a couple months ago and it was working back then but now its doing the same thing as IE. All my settings match up with my other machine that isnt having this problem so Im...
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    photoshop icons snafu

    Didnt there used to be an edit button here somewhere? <looks around> Just out of curiosity, why did this only seem to affect photoshop? Nothing else has ever had this problem?
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    photoshop icons snafu

    Good one yoyo that worked like a charm! Very much appreciated. :D
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    photoshop icons snafu

    Heh ...yep I knew about the preview, like I said the files on the left are showing correctly. Just noticed this though, as mentioned above when I rename a file it snaps back to the correct view, but if I rename it back to what it was before, it once again shows the incorrect view? I dont...
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    photoshop icons snafu

    Ive had this annoying little problem for ages now, even after many windows reinstalls. I kinda learned to live with it but am curious if anyone has any ideas? My saved photoshop psd files eventually end up using different file icons. (Some of which Ive never seen before). After installing...
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    NEW Call Of Duty "Dawnhill" Demo (better)

    This was supposed to be an exclusive release for people who bought the December issue of PC Gamer. As usual though it somehow got leaked. Most sites wont be putting it up until sometime later since its not an official release.
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    Opened the Valve, NO Steam!

    The beta is no more. The full version has taken its place. Theres several different varieties of the full version as well. A huge 700+ MB one that contains all the mod files, and individual mod versions of steam as well with a smaller size. The CS 1.6 Installer seems to be the one most people...
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    If you have a problem with BF1942 1.45 patch read

    Im still using 1.4 as well. I always give it a week or two before switching over. But Ive seen tons of DC servers running 1.45 since the day the patch came out. Havent heard any complaining yet so I assume its working fine.
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    HalfLife2 Will Still be Released in September

    Heh, the modders are already coming out in droves and the public SDK hasnt even been released yet. (although a few special people have it ;) ) Check out this link for a current list of mods already being worked on. Of course, 90% of them will probably never even get to alpha, but the ones that...
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    LOL, As I was working my way down this thread, I was gonna recommend the logitech 2.4 cordless as well. But it seems you already have it so Ill just say congratulations instead. It really is a nice stick. Best Ive ever used.
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    TV out wires question

    Your card should have came with an adapter. Just a tiny little thing that you use to connect the Svideo and RCA cables together for situations where Svideo isnt on the t.v. itself. If it didnt come with your card, Ive bought them at radio shack before, but it was like 15 bucks for the little...
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    nvidia rejoins futuremark

    So what exactly does this mean for someone like me who rarely benchmarks or overclocks? Does this mean the 3dmark scores are now going to be biased towards Nvidea? How will it affect me and my wonderful 9800 pro which Ive come to love so much? :(
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    HL2 ships on time.

    Valve is now stating that HL2 will go Gold on Sept, 13 and and arrive on the 30th as scheduled!! A miscommunication between Valve and Vivendi is the reason for the earllier reports of a delay in shipping. >WOOHOO< It also would appear that Valve has fixed the FSAA problem for Nvidea users and...
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    Minimum Half-Life Req.

    Surprised? Of course the faster your machine, the better gameplay will be.
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    half life 2 only on ati????

    I Dont think its going to be such a big deal. Worst case scenario for Nvidia 9.0 supported hardware users is you just cant use all the eye candy. And with a graphic intensive game like HL2 thats probably not an option for most average users anyway.
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    tome raider angel of darkness

    I bough it a few days ago. Played all of ten minutes before shutting it down and havent started it since. It looks nice (lara especially) but what they did to the controls in the game are shameful! I tried both keyboard and a game pad and its just impossible to move correctly in the game. If you...