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  1. jimi_81

    Dell Inspiron 530 boot problem

    Folks, Been a while.. Question for ya.. A friend of mine has a problem that... I have never seen before. When her computer boots up, the Dell splash screen displays, a clicking noise happens, then the screen flickers, and the splash screen displays again... this repeats, over and over. If...
  2. jimi_81

    routers and access points - question

    I have a wireless router that supplies 2 computers with an internet connection. 1 is hardwired, 1 is wireless. I have another computer, but no wireless card. I happen to have a spare wireless router kicking around. Can I hardwire connect this other computer to it, and somehow connect the...
  3. jimi_81

    Installation BSOD

    Ok. I'm up and running. The problem = outdated chipset information. I recently picked up an ATI1600 Pro video card. Luckly I still had a 9600xt lying around. I swapped cards, and re-installed. The speed issues I was getting we're resolved after I pulled the cmos battery, and tweaking a...
  4. jimi_81

    Installation BSOD

    Hey man, no, the very first reboot after files are expanded and installed... once it restarts, i get a black screen, a flicker from the video card, and than blue screen/reboot. safemode says the install isnt completed yet... please complete the install first. well, i cant!!
  5. jimi_81

    Installation BSOD

    nobody? i'm dyin here!!
  6. jimi_81

    Installation BSOD

    When vista "boots for the first time", i get a blue screen of death. the computer quickly reboots, making it impossible to see what the error is. When I go to "repair my computer" I get error details mentionning "externalmedia". i need to know a couple of things.. one being, how do i get the...
  7. jimi_81

    Top Video Game Vixens... thoughts?

    Re: Top Video Game Vixens…thoughts? The chick in Indigo Prophecies.
  8. jimi_81

    The good news thread

    haha yes indeed. really excited, move in Dec 8. i'll post pics eventually :)
  9. jimi_81

    The good news thread

    I had my offer accepted for a new home. Woohoo!! First-time home buyer :)
  10. jimi_81

    Convince me on buying Vista

    Posted October 3rd. talk about timing thanks for the link!
  11. jimi_81

    Convince me on buying Vista

    Guys... I need convincing. As a regular XP user, can someone perhaps lay out the sales pitch groundwork to convince me to buy Windows Vista. has all of the versions priced. I see Home Premium for 299.99. I suppose that is reasonable. My system is a couple years old: 3.2 ghz...
  12. jimi_81

    The good news thread

    i feel that pain, and share that enjoyment. ya, i'm just finishing up a site upgrade, and the customer loves it.
  13. jimi_81

    Changing oil

    Loosen the plug and spill a small cup worth.
  14. jimi_81

    The good news thread

    oh man thats funny!! GM STEPUP
  15. jimi_81

    The good news thread

    Well, I didnt find a thread that would let me post something as random as... saying.... as of today, my student loans are PAID OFF!! woot woot.... so i thought i'd start a new thread. i'm sure we all have some good news to share every once in a while. :)
  16. jimi_81

    Cream color in Photoshop cs 2

    Back in the PS 5.5 days i remember Adobe installing system color profiles for monitors. it loaded the profile on startup i believe. not sure what the new PS does.
  17. jimi_81

    XBOX 360 - Am I missing something?

    can i add to that list? 3. Region lock to prevent arbitrage opportunities. 4. I never read the article properly, thanks Lancer
  18. jimi_81

    Site Finally Completed

    just had a read.. man that must feel good eh?? keep it up bud
  19. jimi_81

    Steve Irwin, of Crocodile Hunter fame, dead

    a wound to the heart would mean considerable blood loss.. drop in blood pressure. he would have passed out in under 10 seconds. Sad news. I really liked this guy. He did some great work.
  20. jimi_81

    Best Bit Torrent Client

    I heard something the other day.. that youtube plans on releasing every single music video ever made, for free by next summer.