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    Best FTP Software

    FlashFXP is my favourite
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    UT 2003 Secret Moves

    The Link Gun is the same as the Pulse Rifle in UT 1. The weapon you are talking about is the Ion Painter. It is used to target a point where a satelite will fire its Ion Cannon. Since it uses a satelite, it only works on outside maps (You can see the satelite above).
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    We call them favorites [ ! ]

    Right now: 1. Anarchy Online - just became an addict!:blink: 2. Counter-Strike 3. UT2k3
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    In game voice chat

    I love the headset that comes with Game Voice. The most comfortable headset i've ever had. Too bad i broke them.. :(
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    What you listining to atm

    The teacher speaking some boring mumbo-jumbo.
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    Little Billy.

    I wanna be like Billy!
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    How do I resize weapon models for Counter Strike?

    I like A collection of the best replacements.
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    Ut 2003
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    USB2 and Windows XP Problem

    I believe Service Pack 1 added USB2.0 support in XP.
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    Unreal Tournament 2003

    2. October in the US i think. Found it in a webshop here (Norway) that will have it by 4. October. My preorder will be in as soon as i get hold on some cash :D
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    Slow CDRW

    I bought an LG 40x/12x/40x a couple of weeks ago. My problem is this: A friend of mine have an Asus 32x and burns a full 700 mb cd in 3 1/2 min. (In nero I burn the same cd in 5 1/2 min! Just wondering if it's a hardware fault and I should get my money back or if it's something I...
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    Thoughts On UT2K3.

    The game is great, but hope they change the Rocket launcher rate of fire and Minigun damage. A lot of discussion on the UT forums about that. Other that that, love it! :D
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    Best first-person shooter game?

    Counter-Strike Unreal Tournament / UT2003 Aliens vs. Predator 2 and Halo on the Xbox :D
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    best game ever played

    Counter-Strike is a game that never is boring! Can also play Anarchy Online forever.
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    Browser Poll!

    I like Opera, but since it does not yet support everything (like live-feeds), IE still is the best.
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    Sound Problem Operation Flashpoint

    I've noticed the same thing
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    How Gay are You

    I'm 23% gay. Don't feel gay.. :p
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    Diablo 2 Players

    I play on Europe aswell, played quite some time.. Bought the game the day it came in the shops. Both classic and expansion. Was a real fan of Diablo 1 ! My acc is Phyrexia_ , second acc: Protac (only mules here for now)
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    Athlon XP 1800+ running at only 1.15Ghz

    I upgraded this Monday, brand new AMD XP 1800+ and MSI MoBo. It ran at 1,15 GHz, checked the BIOS and changed the FSB from 100 to 133 and everything works just fine. Up and running at 1,53 GHz