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    News iTunes 10 is Here - Goodbye CD Logo, Hello Ping!

    They forgot to put the 'i' before the 'Ping'? Outrageous!!, Steve Jobs needs to fire them.. LOL :laugh:
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    10 Things Netbooks Still do Better than an iPad

    As Xie mentioned, the ipad isn't a (portable) alternative to a mac/netbook. Yes, the ipad can't do a lot of the things that a Netbook can, but it also can't do a lot of the things that a Mac can either. I see the ipad as no different to a ipod/iphone but with a massive screen. ipod touch + SIM...
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    Favourite Top Gear Episode

    Bugatti vs plane is one of many that I liked. I think it's worth mentioning Top Gear Specials, such the African Desert episode, as a separate list to that of the normal episodes. :)
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    Chinese keyboard

    I'm assuming you mean chinese characters printed on the keys? Not sure if this would be a better option: Chinese keyboard stickers Cheaper to buy stickers than to get a new piece of hardware that does exactly the same thing. All you need is the Traditional Chinese IME for your computer.
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    I pwn money (maybe)

    Intel core i7 ftw! :devious: Don't worry about the new 4k sector HDDs, the manufacturers are just setting the minimum allocation to 4k to reduce file fragmentation. You can format your existing HDD to 4k (when you install a clean copy of Windows).
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    best free VNC software?

    I get that message all the time when NOD32 Security Suite (firewall) is enabled. I have no idea how to get Remote Desktop to work without disabling the firewall.
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    Desktop Look on HD TV

    You're better off using 1600 x 1200 or 1920 x 1200, if your TV can support it. 1920 x 1080 is a crap for normal usage on a PC, it's more for movies than anything else. What you could do is put the windows side-by-side though.. :-)
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    Office 2010 Beta available on MSDN/Technet

    I don't like Backstage. It's literally like opening a new window just to see the menu option. I prefer Office 2007 layout where it's just a drop down menu with the document visible in the background. btw, the beta is open to all - at least the 32-bit version for home and business users...
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    Burn music to a virtual drive?

    err... would that be the same as creating an .iso file? Why not burn to CD?
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    Windows Product Key

    Not sure if I've understood the above scenario, but your vista (oem) license on your laptop cannot be transferred to the desktop as per the EULA.
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    Microsoft Security Essentials & NOD32

    I've got NOD and MSE on my laptop... not noticed any impact on performance. However, I have noticed one would throw up warning messages about detecting trojans etc on one website and the other throwing up warnings on another website. Not sure if Spybot does this silently (on my other pc) because...
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    Windows XP in windows 7

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but you can still have your shortcuts on the taskbar and have it split into two rows, 1 for your shortcuts and 1 for the task windows. Better still, if they're shortcuts to folders, then why not right-click and drag to the Windows Explorer icon and Pin it to the...
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    Windows XP in windows 7

    This isn't going to help you (in the short term) so don't hit me with a hammer. When I first started using Windows 7 I hated the new taskbar. However, after spending some time using it, it actually is much better than that of XP. So, I think you shouldn't look back to making it look and feel...
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    Drink-drive chair up for auction

    Full article here
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    XP mode!?

    I can't get XP mode to work on my laptop that has T5500 cpu (supported according to the most websites). Does the motherboard have to support it too? There's no option in the BIOS for VT. The tool on the MS VirtualPC website says my machine does not have Hardware-assisted virtualization.
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    laptop battery discussion/how to get longest life

    Re: interesting/important battery info It's interesting to read the details of this actually. I've only known that the more you recharge a battery without fully discharging it first will result in a shorter battery life. Not only does this article apply to Laptops, it applies to a large...
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    Windows 7 Inside Out

    err... Have I missed something very obvious here? I have not heard of a RTM copy of the "Windows Inside Out" Book. Tweakfiend is referring to a book, right?? :rolleyes: btw, it's now priced at £23.10. :)
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    Adobe Acrobat and Win 7

    Hi, Does anyone know what the fiilename is for Adobe Acrobat's web capture component/(convert to pdf) that is used in Internet Explorer? I want to see if I can set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 as I am unable to convert web pages to pdf format.
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    Not an issue I been getting a spam email from some one on this site ..

    What's going on with all the spammers or One Post Wonders in the past 30 or so days. I've seen an explosion of new members with one post, usually some sort of advertising or comments that are not of any interest to anyone.