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    DirectX 10 and Windows XP

    So is it possible to download DirectX 10 for Windows XP?
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    DirectX 10 and Windows XP

    Hey, I was just wondering... Do I need Windows Vista just to run games on DirectX 10? -thx
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    Hitman Trailer

    i saw this video too. love the game. hope its good.
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    anyone played DIRT?

    Looks like a off-road Need for Speed form the trailers and pic.. How does it play?
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    2900XT length?

    How long are these cards? I'm looking on newegg but they dont have the size listed. My 6800GT just barley fits in my LIAN LI PC-65B right now. and its about 8-9 inches. -thx
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    anti virus and firewall needed?

    I'm thinking about buying Windows Vista "Ultimate". will i need to buy a whole seperat firewall and virus scan. is the ones it comes with good? -thx
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    64-bit or 32-bit

    thank you ppl.. i love you guys!
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    64-bit or 32-bit

    so your saying that a 64-bit processor can run 32-bit games and apps?
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    64-bit or 32-bit

    Hey guys... I was just wandering about the gaming and application compatibility that 64-bit processors have compared to a 32-bit one. I’m thinking about purchasing a new Intel Core 2 Extreme with Windows Vista Ultimate. My question is will more games and programs work with the 32-bit...
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    Classic Theme?

    Hey is there a classic simple graphic theme in Vista?..
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    64bit or 32bit

    should i go with 64bit or 32bit... what will run games better in the end? -thx
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    ATI and DirectX 10

    alright - thanks for the info guy... i think im going to wait for ati to make a move before i upgrade my system this year thanks
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    ATI and DirectX 10

    Hey, when is ATI releasing a video card that supports DirectX 10? -thanks
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    Desktop Icons and WMP move around

    Welp, I have come to a surprising conclusion! for those who want to know... My icons where moving around my desktop and now I know why! I have been lowering my screen resolution lately to look at my photographs more closely. and when I raise it back - the icons stay in the same place when...
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    Desktop Icons and WMP move around

    i think it maybe a desktop poltaguist. hey i reinstalled windows and right before formatting i noticed there was 8mb of unpartitioned space on C:. could there be a virus on there? i know i didn't leave 8mb of free space on there.
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    Outpost PRO Firewall 3.0 (557/437)

    im not sure... :crosseyed:
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    Outpost PRO Firewall 3.0 (557/437)

    i use it and im lovin' it. and im buyin' it soon.
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    Computer Black Screen

    i ran into this problem when i had 120dpi switched on in windows---i replaced my monitor with a different one and it wouldnt go past the load screen... to salve it i had to switch back my other mon and change it back to the default 96dpi and then switch it back. i don't know if this can...
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    Desktop Icons and WMP move around

    im thinking maybe i have a trojan? anyone have this happen to them?