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    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    XP Problem... Picture included.

    Um. GF's Vista has a restore-type feature. She can roll back to before she installed the game is all I can figure.
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    Older XP system won't even make it to the welcome screen...

    If it's XP u may be able to access the BIOS and have it boot to another drive or a floppy/ROM. Once ur booted, u do need to backup whatever you want to keep. Of course, if the problem with the system IS the OS> F-disk and reinstall. If you're hanging before the Welcome screen, it sounds like...
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    President bush dodging shoes and stuff!

    Truth indeed. I don't think ur average American realizes it but throwing ur shoes at somebody in the Arab world is about equal to spitting in someone face. I'd like to see how Arab TV is reporting this...
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    President bush dodging shoes and stuff!

    You tease! Where's the link/image/vid? OR is it me? :smoker:
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    President bush dodging shoes and stuff!

    I love that clip. Of course, the second shoe should have been lodged in the guy's appendix. Check my Clip & comments here
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    Gadget Addict. Who admits they are one ?

    Gadget addict... MP3 player 4g mem stick laptop, 2 desktops DVR (2) Cable boxes (2) Game Consoles (3) All the kids have MP3 players. I *had* a 400g backup HD but it died -mourn- yeh.. mad mad MAD Gadget Addict here...
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    linux stop holding our kids back

    Yup. Big, clunky, *easy*. Does most (in some cases all) the thinking for you... Not that I mind something else thinking for me, on occasions when my own thoughts are just..scattered (ooo something shiny..) But being locked into a restricted parameter -even by a *majority*- eventually spawns...
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    linux stop holding our kids back

    The nature of the beast is such that it doesn't care to share. If I could run everything I need to run without ever touching a single bit of MS software Id be a most blissed geek...
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    linux stop holding our kids back

    Now, I am an advocate of Mozilla/FF to all my buds. My kids have been weaned off IE and dont use it at all. I use it @ work & certain proggies that won't run in FF via home. Other than that, I'd rip it completely outa my systems. Unfortunately, it's lil tentacles are all over the place & nearly...
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    Luv Dexter. I'm done with the season, but got into True Blood in a big way. Mourning the hiatus...remember when seasons were 3 months long?
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    Ty for the tap! My hamster is shining her tap shoes!

    Ty for the tap! My hamster is shining her tap shoes!
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    [Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, BUZZ CORPS and HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY OK feeling stupid & I hope I'm excused for it since it's late, I'mn ew to this and I'm at work. I don't see any . On any of the posts. Anywhere. And I reset my browsers ad/image blockers already. Um. Help? ~Raven
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Hello I'm Paisley. I Tweet therefore I am. Mother of 5, loved by 2 (& I luv em back). Ownedby 2 dogs, 6 cats & a 3 legged hamster. I write a lil...and I wanna win the HP Magic Giveaway! So I've blogged abut it here> PolyPaisley And Clipped about it here> My Clipsss And Stumbled about it here>...