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    [HTML] Firefox/IE oddity workaround

    weee, I hosted them Working Horizontal Layout (the empty space in the center is a flash interface) Non-working Vertical Layout (works fine in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox) thanks for your help, sir :)
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    [HTML] Firefox/IE oddity workaround

    I'm not sure, but I think the way Firefox (and I'm assuming other gecko-based browsers as well) reads the page is having a rather naughty effect on the way this particular code is displayed: It's essentially a table inside of a layer, the topmost and bottommost cells stretch to the top and...
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    System Hang Troubleshooting

    I think it is partly to do with that, and I've been looking into cooling solutions since I started using the P4... but typically, the processor stays between 120F and 140F when it is doing really heavy stuff, and hangs in there. The only heat-related thing I DO know is affecting it is...
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    System Hang Troubleshooting

    yup :-/ @ LeeJend: Many thanks. Will begin the arduous process, well, now :) --- edit: Using DriverCleaner worked, and I clapped my hands and squealed and all that good stuff, and it worked for a while, BUT after the first hang (I haven't played with hardware yet - that will be a project for...
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    System Hang Troubleshooting

    I was wondering if anyone could offer me some suggestions as to how to go about fixing a problem I've had for the last few months. The hardware: Intel D865PERL (LAN, integrated sound[disabled]) Intel Pentium 4 (2.8Ghz, 800Mhz FSB, 1Mb cache) 2x512 PC3200 SDRAM (DDR400) Maxtor 120Gb...
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    Network Traffic Monitor Will those work?
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    Big Brother wants to watch over the internet now!

    also interesting: hmm, gov installed keyloggers? *edit* or not so interesting...
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    User Profile Size, Half Life 2 Troubleshooting, Hell.

    3/4 solved. audio driver issues + something preventing ATI runtime from starting on login (which is what is causing the slow login, not the user profile size... discovered by temporarily removing my docs [making profile small], still had logon issue). All that's left to do is figure out...
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    User Profile Size, Half Life 2 Troubleshooting, Hell.

    I'm reaching the bounds of desperation. I just got back from school, picked up HL2 on the way home, installed it. It did not run. It would precache everything, the menu would start to fade in, and then everything would freeze. Tried again. And Again. The game always freezes somewhere between...
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    Neb. Teen Wins National Web Design Contest

    sounds like the first site I had on tripod ... lots of fun videos on hidden easter egg pages (in other words, 90Mb of my 100Mb allowance was tied up in content that 90% of people didn't even see :p )
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    HTML linking to another program

    For information on AutoPlay, read this . It's for Macromedia Director, but the information works just the same for what you are doing, too. The launcher for your html page, however, will be a little trickier. From what I can tell by your post, you have the html file, the .swf file (that you...
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    Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :)
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    Magical Used/Unused Space on my HDD!

    problem = solved, thank you very much for your input, everyone, but many thanks to yoyo and j79zlr. :)
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    Magical Used/Unused Space on my HDD!

    yeeeeeeeeeeeees... there are, but not in the normal sense - when I did a fresh install of windows, I used the same user name, but it didn't write over the old documents/settings folder of that name (instead stuck a new one with the computer's name affixed to the end)... it displays that...
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    Magical Used/Unused Space on my HDD!

    This is the result of running chkdsk /f, cleaning system restore, double checking and adding each subfolder in C:/ directory by hand while hidden and protected system files were showing. Which had all been done prior to the starting of the thread, anyway, but I did again just in case. I don't...
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    Magical Used/Unused Space on my HDD!

    What the hell is going on here? I hope I am missing something blatantly obvious, but my hard drive seems to be 20 or so gigs more full than it appears... which is irritating. Any idea what is going on, or better yet, how to fix it? many thanks
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    aim has talking ads now....

    w00t, me modified my Aimres.dll to take out ads and useless buttons, along with add custom bg. weeee! samurize on top for weather
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    The many faces of AOL

    AOL CD + 9 iron + boredom + free time = FUN.
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    October 2004 Desktop Screen Shots

    weee! VS: Shaded Wall: Tokyo International Airport Icons: Shaded Stuff: Nano (Nano) cursors, Samurize (weather, moon, stats), Y'z Dock There is a slight problem with both of the shots, if anyone can see it... I'm just too lazy to fix atm :p
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    /me wants

    There is this bad boy, too, which I've been watching the development of for a while OQO