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  1. chaos945

    has OSNN been abandoned?

    I login once every couple months and lurk hard. :) Gotta figure out a new niche to get things rocking again.
  2. chaos945

    Google Inbox Invites

    Sup gang. I have 4 Google Inbox Invites if anyone wants one just PM me. I'll post here when they're exhausted.
  3. chaos945

    RSS Guru Need Help!

    If anybody is an RSS guru and thinks they could make this happen I could make it worth their while.. I work for a company that is using a DOS based system which I login to using a secure connection. The program they use looks like its DOS based and outputs as text/html. Accessing the corporate...
  4. chaos945

    the cake is a lie

    lmao, that is frighteningly accurate. its one of the last games my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro will run, AGP 4ever! btw...this was a triumph!
  5. chaos945

    the cake is a lie

    Have your cake and eat it too!
  6. chaos945

    the cake is a lie

    but I feel fantastic and I'm still alive...
  7. chaos945

    Secure Logon & File Display

    Anybody know how to for a directory to force it to display as icons instead of a list? Also anybody know a good backend to run a secure login for 5+ users?
  8. chaos945

    Not an issue SSL Login?

    I would like to request SSL login. :) Comparison of SSL certificates for web servers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (StartCOM is totally free) Plus a unique IP for your webserver and you're set.
  9. chaos945

    toshiba laptop

    One possibility is ordering Toshiba XP recovery cd's for your model. Otherwise unless you pirate it you're going to need a key and cd. Some nice tech in your area may burn you an OEM copy if you ask. Or could switch it over for you for $.
  10. chaos945

    Sig hosting

    ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting
  11. chaos945

    Which Codecs pack recommended?

    I'm surprised no one uses Klite Codec Pack. It includes QT/Realtime Alternative and MPC flavours. I've been using it for years with no problems. Probably mostly useless codecs but its got lots and is updated frequently. I've never been a fan of VLC... I use MPC because it is simple, fast, and...
  12. chaos945

    Twitter Widget are Cool

    Anyone else try the twitter widgets on their site? It is great! I was going to try and setup a RRS feed, but I already had a twitter account for my business and thought how great it would be to post news that way instead of manually entering data. Low and behold Twitter had a widget to integrate...
  13. chaos945

    SpeedFan Portable

    Ok so I was interested to see how it could be done with a simple batch. Its not too bad. @echo off echo Installing Speedfan.exe from script root... start /B /WAIT installspeedfan440.exe /S cls echo Waiting for Speedfan.exe to close... start /WAIT /D "%PROGRAMFILES%\SpeedFan\" speedfan.exe cls...
  14. chaos945

    SpeedFan Portable

    I've kinda moved out of portable apps, instead just installing what I need as I go. But it wasn't hard to automate this with AutoIt. You have it right about how it works. I just utilized the /silent switches built into the original installer to install/uninstall. You could try Speccy-Portable...
  15. chaos945

    Is there a free driver scanner?

    I don't know about you but I would say don't worry about it. I mean unless you are having issues with current drivers, then why update? Sure, perhaps video drivers for gaming rigs could warrant obsessive updating, but really who cares what obscure bug was fixed in your card reader so it can read...
  16. chaos945

    How to change windows registered user details (renamed)

    Persoanlly I would have just went to RUN and typed "control userpasswords2" then modified the "Full Name" of whatever user... BTW this still works for Win7/Vista.
  17. chaos945

    Parental programs

    OpenDNS does a great job of applying network wide parental controls, plus you get good high-speed DNS servers! Probably want a tech or intermediate computer skills to set this up though... From one account with OpenDNS (which is free btw) I can change parental settings on multiple networks...
  18. chaos945

    remote desktop through blocked router

    I like LogMeIn for my remote desktoping. I only use the free version and I am able to maintain a large (20 or so) list of computers that I can remote into. I also use their Hamachi service (which integrates with the webUI) to allow VPN style connectivity between specific machines in my Virtual...
  19. chaos945

    Itunes equivalent needed for Win7 for ipod

    I wondered about this when I bought my iPod and I found a list when I was doing research. And here it is!
  20. chaos945

    New Motherboard and a Not So Fresh Feeling

    So I am very happy with Windows 7. I switched my old "data server" box from XP to 7 and my newer laptop from Vista to 7 and as stated am very pleased with the entire package in general. I replaced a motherboard on a customer's computer, due to blown caps. I ordered a replacement motherboard...