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  1. vern

    A visual history of OSNN

    I think I remember each of these changes. Crazy to think it's been almost 20 years since I started browsing for answers to my XP questions. :D
  2. vern

    Mr & Mrs EP!

    It's been a while since I've been here. But I'm assuming EP got married? Congrats!
  3. vern

    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    Two years later and it's dropping to 150. heh. I know. I know.
  4. vern

    I just have to vent

    I've been using computers for 20 years and I still consider printers as something that requires a certain amount of voodoo.
  5. vern

    let me google that for you (fun stuff)

    I've known about this for quite some time. It's very appropriate sometimes.
  6. vern

    Scandisk-type app

    I'm looking for a scandisk type app. I mention scandisk because back then, it worked great and was visual. So yeah, I'm looking for a free scandisk type app that will hopefully be "prettier" and more "visual" than the chkdsk that recent versions of Windows has given us. If this can be done while...
  7. vern

    Its been 7 years...

    I've lurked here a while. :)
  8. vern

    I lost my brother today

    I am sorry for your loss perris. :(
  9. vern

    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    I can usually find things on my own, so I come back from time to time to see old names, but not to ask or answer questions. When you don't ask questions anymore, the only reason to come back is the social aspect of the site, and that has dropped off long before Windows 7. I'm the administrator...
  10. vern

    Family Guy Windows 7

    Anyone know where I can watch the Family Guy Windows 7 episode? I'm pretty curious.
  11. vern

    Xbox Live online ability?

    You should ask this question in the official Live forums. It's probably intended and there's probably a good reason for it.
  12. vern

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays! I don't really need anything. Some Blu-Rays would be nice though. I have a 24" monitor on 1920x1200 and the header seriously tiles.
  13. vern

    Google releases a public dns server ...

    Nothing wrong with options. I just add all of them to my DNS entries.
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  15. vern

    iPhone Jailbreak?

    I don't see many downsides to jailbreaking. You can always factory restore if you have to send it in. There is one exception though, sometimes some iPhone services might not work correctly. With the most recent firmware, my jailbroken iPhone 3G doesn't have a working GPS. But it's not something...
  16. vern

    Suggest me a Blu-Ray player

    I saw a Samsung the other day at Wal-Mart for 150 which included Netflix and Pandora streaming. If you don't have a PS3, it's a pretty sweet deal.
  17. vern

    Sync tools for windows 7?

    Syncback SE has always worked for me. There is also a paid version.
  18. vern

    How old is the youngest WoW player you've ever seen

    I have an old guild ... I think we no longer have any young players. Until today I ginvited someone who I'm starting to think is five.
  19. vern

    Blizzard confirms no LAN support in Starcraft II

    Destructoid - StarCraft II may support LAN after all
  20. vern

    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    Someone should accept trade ins. heh I actually think that the bigger PS3 is sexier.