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  1. tdinc

    Lurks around.....

    Its been a long time....I wish the best to all of the old school members.. hope life is good for you. until the next time..
  2. tdinc

    Just stopping by to say hi

    Its been a long long time, so many thing that have happened in my life some great some difficult, I decided to stop in a peek around......hope all is well to many of you I have come to know in this forum.. so How are things?......:)
  3. tdinc

    my ten year aniversary

    opens door,,,,,, looks around.....3 weeks late but congrats perris :)
  4. tdinc

    Yeah me!

    God Bless :)
  5. tdinc

    Happy New Year ..

    better late then never...Happy new Year.... :)
  6. tdinc

    The Really Long Thread

    Get a ps3, and play online for free,
  7. tdinc

    Happy birthday lawman82!!!

    happy late b-day wishes!
  8. tdinc

    had to get a new lappy

    Johnny,,,, I would have guessed you were the last person on earth to go Mac :laugh:...... anyway,, I totally agree with Johnny, Get a mac, if you want WIN7 then throw bootcamp on it and all is well with the world....
  9. tdinc

    Ordering a Macbook Pro Next month ...

    quite simple. Mac's are for working. PC are for playing..
  10. tdinc

    The Really Long Thread

    ROCK ON my brothers and sisters!!!
  11. tdinc

    The Really Long Thread

    Waz Up peeps
  12. tdinc

    What Stormtroopers Do on their Day off

    What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off – Part 2 | :laugh:
  13. tdinc

    Remember the HP Touchscreen I won?

    w00t :)
  14. tdinc

    I was fooled by a virus

    Re: might have been fooled by a virus perris, Download the free version of Malwarebytes, update the definitions run the quick scan then run the full scan. it will find whatever is on your system. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware: Malwarebytes edit, sorry perris did not see your post that you used...
  15. tdinc

    The Really Long Thread

  16. tdinc

    News CCleaner 2.28.1091

    CCleaner Slim can always be found at these locations CCleaner - Builds or here |MG| CCleaner Slim 2.28.1091 Download
  17. tdinc

    January 2010 Desktop Screenshots

    Been a long time since I have posted my desktop.