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  1. Dublex

    A visual history of OSNN

    It's been quite a trip in the last 20 years, I can say that! well put together article by the way, e-punk
  2. Dublex

    Current PC Build

    I just use the one monitor, my new 2560x1440 screen I bought to go with this PC, but it's has a good screen quality and is very clear. Cyberpunk hopefully should run on all sorts of rigs as when the witcher 3 came out a few years ago it still ran OK on my old PC, so while I'm saying it won't...
  3. Dublex

    Icon update

    Just thought I would change my profile's old 80's gaming icon and quote that most people won't recognise, to a new 80s icon and quote that most people won't recognise :) although I have put in pun in there this time and I mean it as a reflection going forward and also how to view yourself inside...
  4. Dublex

    Current PC Build

    Recently got this via PC specialist (warning! for those with PC Heads only) - PC specialist is a custom UK PC build website, much cheaper than the off the shelf gaming PCs you can get: Case FRACTAL FOCUS G BLACK GAMING CASE (Window) Processor (CPU) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Six Core CPU...
  5. Dublex

    Another blast from the past

    I didn't realise you did your message frequently e-punk, evidently I rejoined 10 years ago as well when the "new" forum was up (taken from a reaction in your profile: " Dublex 27 Jul 2009 Love the new look of the forum. Thought I would rejoin after the email you sent, and put a sub down to...
  6. Dublex

    Hello All, been a while

    True, this was before micro-transactions, serious DLC, Covid-19, political correctness (at least in UK) US company trying to own all the money (as Jim Sterling would put it) and countless other things, least aside what updates Microsoft are now going to put in the latest win 10 build (as have my...
  7. Dublex

    News Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play

    Wait, so you already have the Xbox One X, which is a series X, and now they are going for series Xbox series X? :eek: Anyway my advice is to get a good PC and just stick with that, you may throw in alot of money but the costs you'll save than buying the next console every 2-3 years as opposed...
  8. Dublex

    Hello All, been a while

    Yep, definitely, which is one of the reasons beyond actually having a proper connection here (poor Saz) I wanted to jump back in, to show I've not disappeared into a black hole.
  9. Dublex

    News New Chinese Diablo: Immortal trailer

    Looks authentically Diablo, we will have to see what micro mechanics are in there to prize money out of people (at least it isn't another clicker game and looks as though some thought / effort was put into it if the video contains actual gameplay footage)
  10. Dublex

    Hello All, been a while

    Thought I would post here e-punk as I saw your message and thought I would drop by, especially in light of the recent news. I remember this site way way back when it was xp-erience (and possibly before that, my memory is a bit fuzzy) but it's been what? at least 10 or so years since my last...
  11. Dublex

    "kick ass" the movie

    Seen it, think its a great movie - Nick Cage has finally done something to redeem himself after that horrible wicker man remake. Think that Chole Grace Moret was great as well, seems like a go-getter and will probably be in more action movies in the future.
  12. Dublex

    The Really Long Thread

    erm, this is for post 13169? :P
  13. Dublex

    May 2010 Dektop Screenshots

    What desktop theme / skinning software is that? Stardock or something else?
  14. Dublex

    I was fooled by a virus

    To be honest if your gettings something that keeps resetting back to "borked" settings rebuilding is faster, if you have a recently saved image. You can wrestle with entrenched systems but you either have to have really crucial data on there or alot of time to do it.
  15. Dublex

    Windows 7 delete wierdness

    I've seen this as well when messing about with copying things between my old XP rig and my 7 box. Sounds as though the math calculations borked when working out the deleted items!
  16. Dublex

    News iPad Release Dates

    Not convienced by the ipad 100% - it feels more like a technoligcal gap between a laptop and something more useful. Its the lack of USB ports and low battery power that let it down for me but I guess its good for those with silly amounts of cash who like gadgets. I'm not anti-apple as a whole...
  17. Dublex

    Portal {game} free until May 24th (PC and OSX!)

    Worth getting, as its good for puzzle and people who like a good story in their games. Only downside is that the later levels rely a bit too much on reflexes over logic in the later levels
  18. Dublex

    Which Codecs pack recommended?

    probably more down to the way the program is coded perris - probably uses a link to a more up-to-date codec repository. As to the attempt to play things that may not work - its probably easier not to code that which is why not many developers put it in.
  19. Dublex

    I was fooled by a virus

    Re: might have been fooled by a virus oy, sounds like it modifies the local security permissions group policy settings well as doing other stuff if it forced all programs to run as administrator. We haven't seen this at work yet.
  20. Dublex

    Starcraft 2 beta no longer secret!!!

    So I suppose its now open beta if people are reporting on it?