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  1. Khayman

    Catching up with my old friends

    it is so freaky reading all these after all this time. I almost cried... almost... damn it!
  2. Khayman

    News Windows 7 now has a Service Pack 2 (but don’t call it that)

    Good news for all you hold outs :) come join us in the future.. :p
  3. Khayman

    What was the original name of OSNN?

    Good times...
  4. Khayman

    has OSNN been abandoned?

    Demoted, know all about that... you take a 5 minute break (6 years) and all of sudden things to to shit
  5. Khayman

    News Internet Explorer 9 - New UI Revealed

    I'm liking it. Been using the preview builds. Runs nice, seems fast, which is all i really want from a browser
  6. Khayman

    NAS for Dummies

    Ah, I was just about to say the same thing. I sometimes plug my other external drive into it with no problems. So yeah, there's that option. There's also a 2tb version, just in case you have mad on for extra space
  7. Khayman

    NAS for Dummies

    I enjoy my WD MyBook World Edition 1TB nas. Does all you mention up there
  8. Khayman

    News Windows Phone 7 Series announced

    Hmmm, looks good. Will see how its fared when my iphone contract runs out next year
  9. Khayman

    [Movie Review] Avatar

    Avatar rocked my world. Was awesome. nuff said :)
  10. Khayman

    News Apple Announces iPad

    Thats an iPod Touch
  11. Khayman

    News Apple Announces iPad

    Theres nothing bad about the iPad (not really) But theres nothing great about it either. Theres no reason to buy it over a laptop for the same price
  12. Khayman

    [HTML + CSS] Text Positioning

    get a 404
  13. Khayman

    Windows User Friendly

  14. Khayman

    Its been 7 years...

    Back when my soul wasn't cushed by the weight of existance... good times
  15. Khayman

    Happy Birthday Sazar & Tuffgong4

    Hip hip horay!
  16. Khayman

    Its been 7 years...

    Haha, all you old timers!
  17. Khayman

    iPhone Jailbreak?

    Well you'd void your warranty for one. plus there always the slim possibility that it f's up and you can't restore it
  18. Khayman

    cookie question

    Sounds odd Cookies are just text files so even if you run out of battery they're still there like any other file. Unless the sites in question are only storing the data info in session (ie as long as the browser is open and you're on the site), which would then dissapear if you shutdown/close...
  19. Khayman

    coolest fan ever!

    You're on a tech website, what do you except? :)
  20. Khayman

    coolest fan ever!