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    Remote Desktop Problem

    I have the same problem... Switching off the Themes setting within the Remote desktop app solves the problem... Somehow w2k doesn't like it... Gert-Jan
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    Data recovery software

    One freeware program which saved me a couple of times can be found here Gert-Jan
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    Outlook XP "feature"

    Not an answer on your first question, but on your second :) To remove the 'Type a question for help' do the following: Go to View/Toolbars/Customize.... Now right-click on the 'Type a question for help' A option appeard with wich you can show/hide it.. Gert-Jan
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    Acrobat Reader

    Well if it is only the text part your after you could do the following: If the security of the PDF is set in such a way that you may not copy away text then: Create a text (generic) printer and let it print to file... Then use this printer to print it... For installing/creating such a...
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    boot CD (no floppy) for BIOS update?

    Newer bios versions do allow a boot from a usb device: (e.g. some hp biosses; dell optiplex; etc.) So i imagine in the near future that a diskless system has got a bios which can be booted from a usb device... Then you can have a 32mb usb key and use it just as if it were a floppy...
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    boot CD (no floppy) for BIOS update?

    There is a great (but technical) article about creating a bootdisk @ Bart's way to create bootable CD-Roms. Normally a floppy is used to create a boot file so that you can test things out, before you burn it on cd... You have to do it the hard way :) Gert-Jan
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    Outlook XP Rules

    Do you have the latest Servicepacks installed? I remember this issue was solved by either office sp1 or office sp2... You can check this by going to the Office Update site Gert-Jan
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    null output

    Actualy it is >nul: Nul is actual a device similar as a diskdrive :) Gert-Jan
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    Excel and Powerpoint are driving me crazy - 40 Omnipage Menu Links

    Glad it worked.... :) I think you see your excel sheets more clearly now? :-) Gert-Jan
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    Excel and Powerpoint are driving me crazy - 40 Omnipage Menu Links

    I can think of 2 things you can do: 1st: Go to View/Toolbars/Customize Click (and hold) on one of the omnipage entry's and drag it to downwards to a point not on one of the toolbars and let it go (you should see a X appear when you can let go) If this goes, delete all other entrys...
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    Just use winzip... At least version 8 can... Select all the ZIP files you want to unzip; Right click and select the wanted option (e.g. extract here using filenames for folders) Gert-Jan
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    clone from IDE to RAID 0 array ???

    Oh yeah.... It will see it alright... When fdisk starts you will get a question about NTFS partitions... Just say Yes (it's the default)... fdisk can see and name the NTFS-partition...Although Win98 can not use it... :-)
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    clone from IDE to RAID 0 array ???

    Is the new partition set as 'Active'? You can check this using a win98 bootflop and then use fdisk.. There is an option to set a partition as active.... Gert-Jan
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    Outlook 2002

    For transfering the account settings (e.g. username/password/server info) you could try to use the Windows XP Util 'Files and Settings Transfer Wizard' which should be located at the 'accessories\system tools' Start Menu... I've not actualy used this myself... But it should (if i believe the...
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    Outlook Web Access Problem / Exchange 5.5 / NT

    Did you already had a look at Troubleshooting Guide for Outlook Web Access ? Also take a look at (the best site when it comes to exchange :-) Gert-Jan
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    Outlook 2002 out of memory error

    Have you patched your outlook to the latest level? Go To here to scan for new updates.. Gert-Jan
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    weird problem viewing a website, possibly DNS issue?

    You can try DIG : It allows you to run a query for a givven name at specific dns-servers So first find out your dns-server by going to dos (or cmd) and type ipconfig /all Now copy the dns entry into DIG's Root server box Enter the into the Target box and press tcp-lookup...
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    Getting rid of boot loader?

    By doing 2 things: Edit c:\boot.ini (will be a hidden/read only file) Take care of changing this with only 1 line with the XP os on it: e.g. [boot loader] timeout=5 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems]...
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    uxtheme.dll problems please help!

    This happened to me also... Until i removed the UXTHEME.DLL from the directory where sp1 was installed.... Do a search for uxtheme.dll (use the advanced search options to search through system/hidden folders)... If this is the problem you will find one installed in a directory other then...
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    Easy cd Creator problem...NTFS incompatibility??

    With my system it takes also a long time before it finishes. What i discovered is that (at least for my system) had to do with the large hdd (ide raid-> 160GB). When i left it for 2 hours or so it finaly finished..... after that i have had no problems.... :-)