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  1. muzikool

    iphone question

    Wouldn't you just get the iPod Touch in this case? I believe it does everything the iPhone does, except make phone calls since it's not a phone.
  2. muzikool

    Just Got a Wii

    Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy and Tiger Woods are my favorites. There is a new game coming out today called de Blob that is supposed to be great as well.
  3. muzikool

    iPhone 3G

    Some interesting info in that article. It would seem that a majority of the complaints point to AT&T, though. They are subsidizing the phone, so it's no surprise they are making up the difference with the service plan. The no text message thing is outrageous though if that ends up being true...
  4. muzikool

    Two awesome web design tools!

    Coda is a nice Mac application but I prefer CSSEdit. It's been around a while longer than Coda so has some nicer features.
  5. muzikool

    epic Bill Gates e-mail rant

    Classic! :laugh:
  6. muzikool

    The Really Long Thread

    This thread is not long enough. I'm embarrassed for us. :o
  7. muzikool

    Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

    Exactly. I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  8. muzikool

    U.S. Open Playoff

    A lot of people consider the idea that he is. ...or Google "Tiger Woods greatest athlete" Of course it's an objective thing so everyone will have an opinion, but I think there is a legitimate argument considering what he has accomplished.
  9. muzikool

    U.S. Open Playoff

    Sudden death now. Greatest U.S Open EVER.
  10. muzikool

    U.S. Open Playoff

    Is anyone else watching this? Tiger Woods vs. Rocco Mediate in a full 18-hole playoff. They're at the 18th hole now. Amazing.
  11. muzikool

    iPhone 3G

    Thanks for that info, I hadn't seen it before. My contract is up in November 2009, so if it happens before then I might just stay with Verizon.
  12. muzikool

    iPhone 3G

    I'm on Verizon and so I can't get the iPhone. I'd buy the HTC Diamond if it didn't cost $600-$800. That's absurd for a phone, and I thought the original $600 for the iPhone was ridiculous when it first came out, too.
  13. muzikool

    iPhone 3G

    I'm surprised there isn't a mention of this around here yet. Apple announced the iPhone 3G yesterday, which goes on sale July 11th. Pricing is a major change at $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB. Of course it operates on the faster 3G network, and it also opens up to 3rd-party...
  14. muzikool

    AMX Certified!!!

    Very cool, Mike! I did A/V installation for a year and we used some AMX touch-panel control systems in classrooms and in a couple of home theaters. One of the guys I worked with programmed them, though I don't remember if he was completely certified or not. I do know he went to some classes...
  15. muzikool

    So, how will a MacBook Pro work in a uni?

    Don't forget that Macs used to the de facto choice in educational settings, of course that was in the pre-OS X days when the Mac OS sucked. Anyway, you can install XP or Vista using Boot Camp, so I see no reason not to use the MacBook Pro and have the best of both worlds. :)
  16. muzikool

    Getting a Wii!

    Mario Galaxy is amazing. I think it's still the highest-rated Wii game to this point, though I also love Wii Sports, Tiger Woods 08 and Mario Kart.
  17. muzikool

    [Movie Review] Iron Man

    Wow, I'm surprised. I expected this movie to be horrible, guess I might have to give it a chance now. :)
  18. muzikool

    Mario Kart Wii

    I didn't realize CompUSA was still in business. They closed all the ones around Dallas earlier this year.
  19. muzikool

    Mario Kart Wii

    That sucks they played the same course, the same way, 30 times! I think the Wiimote+nunchuck combo is the most accurate. I've managed to do well on some courses with the wheel, but I've finished anywhere from 1st to 11th using the thing, while I came in 1st every time using the remotes, so...
  20. muzikool

    Mario Kart Wii

    Nintendo went pretty cheap with the Wii, which is why it's only $250. So there is no surround sound and the graphics don't hold a candle to the Xbox or Playstation. BUT... it's more fun to play, and that's what counts the most! My wife and I played Mario Kart for a few hours this afternoon...