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  1. ray_gillespie

    Sleep is Obsolete When You Have SSD!

    What's the benefit of using hibernate over power off? I tend to shut all my devices down now that they all use SSDs.
  2. ray_gillespie

    GTA Vice City Saved Game Files

    Just like this thread! :)
  3. ray_gillespie

    Happy Birthday Perris!

    Happy birthday Perris, here's to the next 109 years!
  4. ray_gillespie

    New Mobo/CPU/RAM Upgrade Time!

    I went for the Ti in the end - I got the Asus one but from Amazon, for £167. Seems like a pretty good deal. I can't wait to try this bad boy out when it arrives! I might finally get to play Witcher 2 :)
  5. ray_gillespie

    New Mobo/CPU/RAM Upgrade Time!

    Cheers for the info Lee. Turns out you're right, the GPU is a big bottleneck so I'm going to upgrade that too. I just don't know which to get, the GTX 560 or the GTX 560 Ti - I just can't decide! On ebuyer, the 560 is about £140 and the 560 Ti is £170. Is it worth the extra £30?
  6. ray_gillespie

    New Mobo/CPU/RAM Upgrade Time!

    Cheers Johnny. Six-core processor would be pretty sweet. I've always aimed for the price/performance sweetspot but one day I'd love to build an absolute MOFO of a computer :)
  7. ray_gillespie

    Happy 2012!

    Happy new year everyone, sorry I've been away so long.
  8. ray_gillespie

    New Mobo/CPU/RAM Upgrade Time!

    Hi guys, I must apologise to you and to computers in general. I have been neglecting my PC gaming recently in favour of my PS3, but alas it's that time again when my console is being left way behind PC gaming and so it's time to get back to PC gaming. I also picked up a copy of the Witcher 2...
  9. ray_gillespie

    News 25 years of Windows

    That's an excellent article, I really enjoyed reading that! Sad to see how negative they were about Vista though - once SP1 had bedded in, Vista was solid as a rock.
  10. ray_gillespie

    News Nvidia Launches “World’s Fastest” Graphics Chip

    I hear 3Dfx are making a return to the market. Their next one is supposed to be slower (but with anti-aliasing!) :)
  11. ray_gillespie

    News Nvidia Launches “World’s Fastest” Graphics Chip

    Sorry if that came across rude Johnny, I wasn't saying "of course the latest GPU is going to be the fastest" to you, although upon re-reading my comment is may have looked that way. I actually meant that to be addressed to these foolish marketing campaigns that always promote the latest product...
  12. ray_gillespie

    News Nvidia Launches “World’s Fastest” Graphics Chip

    Yeah, of course the latest GPU is going to be the fastest, it's part of Moore's law. :)
  13. ray_gillespie

    Windows Media Player - Sync Nightmare please help!

    Hey nice sig! Now that you've called me by name... BOOM!
  14. ray_gillespie

    News Nvidia Launches “World’s Fastest” Graphics Chip

    Graphics chip manufacturer NVIDIA has unveiled what it claims is the 'world's fastest' graphics card with the GeForce GTX 580 GPU. The new GeForce GTX 580 is NVIDIA's latest and greatest GPU, superceding the GTX 480 that was released in March of this year. NVIDIA also claims that the GTX 580...
  15. ray_gillespie

    Xbox Kinect

    Yeah that's true - it was only one game so maybe others are better but the racing game at Eurogamer was having real trouble with people's movements.
  16. ray_gillespie

    Xbox Kinect

    I've not had a go myself but I saw it at Eurogamer 2010 and the people using it were laughing at how badly it worked...
  17. ray_gillespie

    Fixed Image Attachments

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if you're aware of this problem but there seems to be some sort of issue with attaching images to posts. I tried to upload about four different images to a post and each time it told me that it was "not a valid image file". Might be worth looking into. Ray
  18. ray_gillespie

    News First 'Epic Citadel' Game Details

    A few months ago Epic Games released a tech demo on Apple's App Store called Epic Citadel to show off how their technology can run on an iPhone/iPad. Featuring bump offset mapping, normal mapped architecture, global illumination, real-time reflections, dynamic specular lighting with texture...
  19. ray_gillespie

    News Lord of the Rings Online - Free to Play in Europe from 2nd November

    Codemasters Online announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) will be free-to-play across Europe on Tuesday 2nd November 2010. With the new pricing model players will be able to download the game and play for free as well as purchase expansions, quest packs, items, and account...
  20. ray_gillespie

    News World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Release Date Confirmed

    Yeah he's right, download will almost certainly be full RRP whereas stores will generally discount. I pre-ordered two copies (one for me and one for wife) a few months ago, costing £16.95 each. I think it'll be a while before the download prices get that low! :D