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    Website Change

    Standard/Most common approach for a web based contact us page is to get the user to input their details into a HTML form and post that data to a php file to process and send a mail to you using the php mail() function. Fairly comprehensive guide of this is available here...
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    Google Analytics Invite

    I was one of the early ones two.. yaay me :P MdSalih
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    Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    Timetrials - once you have some nitros behind you... you can't lose the time trials. Otherwise, they some are quite a challenge. Once I had nitros I never tried them again without it :P Have your tried crashing into the pursuit breakers? i.e. the petrol station.. the doughnut shop.. the...
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    Need a new laptop

    iBook is no good for me - the programs I will be using are windows only. I've decided to buy an Inspiron 6000 from Dell USA - I've got my configuration done it's around $1400 - thats with the 34% off offer which ends on Wednesday - sadly i won't be able to take up that offer as I've yet to...
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    Need a new laptop

    cough MdSalih
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    Need a new laptop

    Need to know some more information about these Dell Coupons - Dad's going over to Canada for a couple of weeks so would be a great opportunity to take up this deal. Wanted to know first and foremost if the Dell Coupon Deal works in canada - i.e. will they ship the item to Canada ? Secondly...
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    Can You Say Maybach?

    one shweeet car :-D Got to play around in a Maybach 62 about a year ago - was deee-vine :D MdSalih
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    Need a new laptop

    if only :-( MdSalih
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    Need a new laptop

    Yup, compaq is well known for it's crapness.. but all the same, thats a pretty good offer. The dell deals - once customised to anything vagely to what i know goes well over budget :( MdSalih
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    Need a new laptop

    Just came across this site: Some of the offers there seem quite impressive. <-- really liking that offer. <-- thats looks good too...
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    Need a new laptop

    Need to get myself a new portable machine - mostly for uni life. Will be planning to use it for programming/gaming/write-ups the usual etc. - will be my main computer for the next year or so, so needs to be fairly powerful. Been looking at the Sony Vaio Laptops - and really liking them, well...
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    Tornado in Birmingham

    Tornado was pretty bad.. went to inspect the damage post-tornado (the tornado-run was about 3 minutes drive from my house) - couldn't get into half the roads, cordoned off :( - went again late at night, bricks, stone and everything all over the road - trees uprooted - 100 odd year old primary...
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    Escaped Prisoner

    Thats a good one :P MdSalih
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    VB 3.5 Beta.

    Yep, tis pretty awesome :) MdSalih
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    The road to Amarillo *JOKE*

    It's an english thing. It's a really really annoying song kinda thing thats been played over and over like a broken record over her in the UK. Although its debateable.. which is more annoying the ringtone frog or that song. Personally reckon its that bloody frogg! MdSalih
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    [C++] Setting Printer to Duplex

    I am trying to put together a program which will change the settings of a printer to Duplex Printing (Printing on both sides). Here is the code I am using: char PortName[256] = {0}; char DriverName[256] = {0}; char PrinterName[256] = {0}; HANDLE hDevMode...
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    Apple Store, Birmingham

    Will pay it a visit some time soon to salivate over all the icandy :P MdSalih
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    My design in IE

    Caught the problem which made the site mess up in IE, managed to leave a <form> open :( Silly me. Should be working fine now in IE and FF - wonder how it is in Opera. MSalih
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    My design in IE

    All comps on my local network showing up the site ok in IE. See if I can find a mates comp where its messed up. MdSalih
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    My design in IE

    Hmm.. now to figure out how to fix in IE, even though i can't see the b0rked version. MdSalih