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    Gmail notify error

    I'm having the same problem here as well. I wouldn't be suprised if the problem is caused by changes to the gmail login procedure without them updating their Gmail Notifier software. In some places gmail requests you type a random string of letters as they are displayed in an image, perhaps the...
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    "System Idle Process" Explained

    Munk, the entire time I was reading the article, I was still clinging to what I had always believed, that being exactly what you stated. I'm going to ellaborate on what I had previously understood, perris, simply so that you can get a better understanding on what we are talking about and correct...
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    Second hand video card

    Well it's a shame I'm not getting any replies... it's okay though, I've basically solved this problem myself. First of all I had to clean out as much of the dust from the card as possible because the thing was absolutely grotty! (for this I used a toothpick to loosen the dust and then blow on...
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    Second hand video card

    I've just recently purchased a second hand geforce 3 for a friend, but unfortunately on arrival I discovered that one of the two heatsinks has actually fallen off the card. It used to be held on by some sort of yellowish glue which is still evident on the heatsink and a little bit on the memory...
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    cd drawers ejecting

    Wow you're right. CloneCD has a tickbox option "eject media" in the Tools > Settings > Drive Control menu. I never even noticed that before. Thanks
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    A GREAT Msn Plus PLugin

    I read the posts on the msn plus forum. I agree that most people who actively change their name would find this addition rather pointless, however I see the point that for some people this could come in handy, most especially those lazy people who never bother to change their name and a simple...
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    cd drawers ejecting

    Na that's not what the problem is. The problem is that some programs such as CloneCD, some other burning programs and I guess even the joke programs will open the cd rom drawer without confirmation from the user. This is extremely annoying if your case has a door as the cd rom will try to force...
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    Gmail Anyone?

    lol thanks Bucky Badger... I'll see you on the other side
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    Gmail Anyone?

    Looks like I'm going to need to put in a little bit of effort to get into the gmail revolution. So... this is basically a formal request for anyone who is already on the other side to throw down a rope and help me over the wall... and you better make it quick because this side of the wall is...
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    Need Network Backup System

    It depends on what you want your server to do. If you just want your server to do standard tasks like file backup and/or providing a firewall for your network then it might be easiest just to stick with windows for your server. If you are familiar with Unix or Linux or any other OS that...
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    I'm suprised no-one has smacked ya at the thought of installing Windows 98 onto a computer with a $1500 CPU! :eek: :confused: Damnit the Extreme Edition deserves Windows XP or possibly Linux, nothing less! Well I suppose it could be worse (considers Windows ME ;)) lol just thought I'd add...
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    Need Network Backup System

    If you're looking at only backing up certain folders from your four computers then Drive Image is probably not what you are after. Drive Image will make a complete image of your hard drive including your windows installation and everything else on the drive. This is good if you want to do a...
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    My motherboard has support for the new firewire standard (IEEE1394b) which differs from the original firewire (IEEE1394a) as it has a maximum throughput speed of 800 megabit, twice as fast as the normal 400 megabit. I wouldn't let this concern you tho because I haven't really seen any products...
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    Cloning to Network Location without using a Floppy

    Is it possible using either Drive Image or Norton Ghost to image to/from a network share without requiring a boot floppy? I know the floppy is required as it contains the drivers for your network card and the details of the network location but is there a way to use a CD or some sort of...
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    Wave Master

    I haven't really taken my new computer anywhere yet, I will soon but haven't yet. The build quality of it is really high and it feels rather solid so I doubt that you'll really have problems getting it scratched or damaged. As a matter of fact I did actually see the Thermaltake case you're...
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    Far Cry - Silly System Requirements

    lol I love all you guys who only have moderately new computers and are like "my computer is really old, there's no way it could play Farcry!" On my old computer, a Pentium 4, 1.4GHz, 384MB (RDRAM) with a good ol Geforce 2 mx400, I can still manage to get the game going and it's fairly...
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    Wave Master

    Yes actually I do own the Coolermaster Wavemaster. Thanks for asking ;) It's sitting less than a foot away from where I'm sitting, housing my new 64-bit setup. And don't anyone forget that the case is branded by the Coolmaster badge, which is globally known for quality, performance and...
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    Firewire/IDE Security Device

    I first come across such a device when I was considering a motherboard for my new 64-bit setup. Such a device is included with the Abit (IC7-MAX3) motherboard, however a lot of the reading I have done tends to reduce the appeal that the device initially has. Here's a link with a few pics of...
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    1280x1024 makes no sense to me

    Yup a good read generalleoff. Btw I have a 19" and use 1600×1200. I would try and migrate to a higher res but unfortunately anything above 1600 is only supported at 60hz which is absolute torture on the eyes. Even at the moment the best refresh I can get is 75hz. Unwonted, I also agree that...
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    Resolution question

    Everyone has done a good job of explaining but since you're asking basic questions I wouldn't be suprised if you're a bit confused by the technical answers people are giving you. I'm going to do my best to reword the answers and add my understanding, hopefully it'll help. 1. What exactly does...