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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    I've had a few issues with Windows 7 and using media center with my 360. Unless your trying to use full media center features i'd recommend just setting up a homegroup in windows 7/media player, share the media you want to your 360 that way and skip the media center entirely since you can then...
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    360 Game List Suggestion

    It was, it's just a shame the devs couldn't have expanded their color pallet past various shades of brown, it did have a more compelling story then any of the more childish recent releases. Though I am still amazed at how much I enjoyed Eternal Sonata even though I felt the game was talking...
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    Mass Effect 2 on PC and 360 1Q2010

    Do yourself a favor and get the PC one. Unless they actually make both versions equal this time. If you own both the 360 or PS3 version of mass effect and the PC version you quickly realize how much better the PC version is especially when it comes to controls. One of the biggest differences...
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    Strange error in a Dell Dimension C521

    As the other poster mentioned turning the drive off completely in the bios should help. It's also possible if its an older PC that the bios battery is starting to go and settings are not being maintained so everytime the PC is cycled the settings are lost. You could test his by changing some...
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    Asus agrhhhhhhh.

    Well lets face it any stock cooler really isn't made for OC'ing. The included intel solution is a bit better than AMD's, but once again if you want to do any actual OC'ing your going to need to upgrade one way or another!
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    Windows users are confused - did Mojave help?

    Microsoft really shot themselves in the foot with that ad series...I mean it was entirely designed to try and prove that people just heard bad things about Vista and if they saw for themselves how it ran they would buy it... I'd love to see them actually showing the user the first time they try...
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    Wav playback problem

    Did you make sure to disable the onboard sound in the bios?
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    remote guest?

    Well it depends what you mean by exactly are you trying to "connect" Netbios?, FTP, Terminal Services? Remote desktop?
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    Rogers@home with linksys

    I thought rogers@home is cable internet. Meaning you wouldn't be using any osrt of PPOE, you'd just set the router up to grab it's info via dhcp and set everything up like normal
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    Cable Modem under Linux

    I'd probably just go buy a router, much more efficient then using one computer as a software router.
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    dvd player

    Well if you in it for the "modding" aspect I'd personally stay away from name brands and get a Mintek. You can make most Mintek's region free. they play VCD,SVCD out of the box, their jpg playback is the BEST i've ever seen. My mintek 1600 has better quality then most expensive players...
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    Networking Certifications

    Well you probably have the skills so you might as well pickup the Network+ while your at it. You will also want to go get your Novell certs etc as they will payoff for awhile to come.
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    good quit message for irc....

    LOL that is a great quit message
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    Random question what needs answering...

    Well that depends do you mean the pillow itself or the cover? Is it a cotton pillow or a feather pillow?
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    Splinter Cell Error Help!

    Looks like a video initialization error. Have you tried downloading the splinter cell 1.1 patch and have you also updated your video drivers to the newest availible?
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    Saving PNG as an ICO

    Have you tried Axialis Iconworkshop? It should be able to preserve transparency when converting.
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    XP Hangs?

    Well when you say it hangs it's really hard to diagnose...A grinding noise is not a good sign at all. If I was you i'd take my case off and try and determine the origin Have you gone to the administrative tools in your control panel opened up the event viewer and seen if any critical events...
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    I have a DVD copy question

    Well this depends, do you plan on burning copies of DVD's? Do you want to compress them to Divx? Do you want to copy all the extras etc? There are alot of variables. Clearly if you want to play copies of DVD's on your DVD player your gonna need either a DVD burner, or a DVD player that...
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    XP Program/word porblem...

    Hey quirks happen now and then, one day I had shut down and when I rebooted there were like 5 drive windows open. Now noone opene dthem windows just decided it wanted them open :P
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    Unknow CPU type

    If you upgraded your bios to the newest availible and it's not picking it up I'd have to write it off as a bug in the bios. If the FSB and multiplier is correct, and your displayed speed is correct then thats all to really worry about. Out of curiosity does it detect it if you use a program...