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    XP-erience/NTFS New theme...

    I actually like it..perhaps boring for someone but I think it has a professional feel. Then again, that's my opinion after a couple of beers :)
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    Classic CS map, ported to UT2003

    Just saw a post at the official UT2003 forums about a guy that have made the famous cs map de_aztec for UT2003. Looks really cool, and plays well too. It's still a beta-map but it is a fun map to play if you already know aztec from cs :) Check out some screenies here...
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    HELP!! Where is the UT2k3 CD Key

    You sound excited ep :p
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    Got UT2003 today!!!! Awesome game

    Got it yesterday as a friend of mine works in a local computer store, and I love it. Was worth the 45 $ I paid. Bought 2 new games in two weeks now :o
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    A little tip

    Never spraypaint your cordless keyboard in another will eventually go wrong! I may be a bit high on spraypaint right now, but trust me!! PS: I'll buy a new keyboard toorrow PS2: Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard sucks!! PS3: CS is out of question :p
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    FAO: El Jefe (EP)

    Yep, just fooled around with some settings in photoshop...not yer fault :p
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    FAO: El Jefe (EP)

    Nice xsiv!!! Gonna put it up as soon as I feel ok again...had too much rum last night :p
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    CS CDkey used

    yes, the won auth servers are down, probably due to maintenance but who knows :) Darn, and I was about to play cs drunk :(
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    Battlefield 1942

    yes me too dabomb...when is it gonna be released??? Must have been delayed for over a year now :p
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    PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher

    Then you probably got the oem version, but if you contact me on irc (, channel #xperience) I'll try to fix it fo you :) Perhaps we'll get a permanent fix.
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    PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher

    I guess you're used to StyleXP handling your themes...well all you have to do after a sucessfull patch, is downloading a theme from or similar, unzip it and then you choose it by right-clicking desktop, choose properties and it should be located in the Themes list. If not go to...
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    PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher

    I've made a program for everyone (almost :p ) that wants to use custom themes for Windows XP. In general it replaces the uxtheme.dlls you got with a patched version. For those of you that isn't sure what this program does, it basically is StyleXP without a fancy GUI or registration. NB: The...
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    Off-Site Contact Info

    mail: msn: that's it!
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    FAO: andyp

    sure..I'll add you. Look out for a mail sooooooon... ;) Edit: Don't look out for a mail soooooon...forgot my passwd to clanbase :p , but anyway you're added to the clan-site
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    New Front

    Turns out very nicely lads!!! Have a feeling this new site is gonna rock :p
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    Creating a bootable zip-disk

    Yes, and it also seems to be using its own GUI, need to make a standard dos boot-disk only on a zip-disk...grr :p
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    Finally !!!

    If you're just gonna connect 2 computers to the line, internet connection sharing will do the trick. You just need to buy a second Network card. Use both a router, and one computer is sharing its connection with another here. We got a 704/128 ADSL line, 3 computers sharing it, works great. And...
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    Creating a bootable zip-disk

    I have a 250 mb Iomega zip-drive, and wondered if anyone know how to make a ms-dos zip-bootdisk? I hate those pesky 3,5" diskettes, would have been great if anyone have a tip on creating one in XP!
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    What you listining to atm

    16 Horsepower - Brimstone rock btw: greendevil..Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a superb record!!
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    Member pics.

    Well, we have to do our best when we have a pretty girl in da' house...can't look shabby then you know ;)